1997: 1998: 1999: 2000: 2001: 2002: 2003: 2004: 2005: 2006: 2007: 2008: 2009: Worldwide non-commercial space launches As the era of private spaceflight takes a step forward with SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket test, here's a look at 6 companies that could launch humans into space soon. Low Earth Orbit (LEO) missions have orbital periods less than 2 hours. Space agencies are a key part of this community. Gunter's Space Page - Information on Launch vehicles, Satellites, Space Shuttle and Astronautics. View Rocket Launches & Meet Astronauts Come face-to-face with space during special events at Kennedy Space Center. To get to space, humankind relies on key launch sites scattered around the world.

Deep Space … SEE A LAUNCH Overview of all upcoming rocket launches to space, including launch time, payload and destination.

Make space in your travels for unique and inspiring experiences during your Florida vacation. Worldwide Space Agencies As the UN hub for space affairs, UNOOSA works every day with the global space community to deliver the benefits of space to everyone, everywhere.

Visitors can watch rockets blast off, meet astronauts and celebrate holidays in space, just to name a few. Here's where they are. I hope that this site is useful and informative for you. Please make a donation to support Gunter's Space Page. ===== SPACE LAUNCH REPORT 2017 LAUNCH VEHICLE/SITE STATISTICS ===== by Ed Kyle as of December 27, 2017 ===== YEAR TO DATE LAUNCH VEHICLE SUMMARY Calendar year launch vehicle results, ranked by number of successes, with launch total as the first tiebreaker and vehicle payload mass as the second tiebreaker. Thank you very much for visiting Gunter's Space Page. NASA's first crewed rocket launch from American soil since the Space Shuttle program is scheduled to launch on May 27th.

Can you come up with a causal mechanism? SpaceX Crew Dragon Rocket Launch. Below you will find basic details and links to the ever-growing list of space agencies from around the world.