The bodies were staked out underwater very carefully. The skeletons were well preserved because of the characteristics of peat. Northern Europe 2.

The Windover Archeological Site is an Early Archaic (6000 to 5000 BC) archaeological site where skeletal remains of 168 individuals were found buried in the peat at the bottom of the pond. With regards to the Windover mtDNA data, maybe some of the people in the the Family Tree DNA group might know more about it. The Windover Dig in Titusville, Florida was one of the most important archaeological discoveries in the world. It contains 168 bodies, some so well-preserved they still contained brains. Nearly 200 ritualistically buried bodies were discovered, wrapped in the oldest woven cloth found in North America. One is the story of the people who lived in the area and are buried in the pond. Windover Pond, along with other sites excavated since 1970, contributed to the major reassessment of Florida's Archaic Period. The muddy shores gradually give way to shallow waters.

In winter, barren limbs draped in Spanish moss graze the pale-green mat of algae that covers its surface. Windover is truly a unique site that continues to astonish. There are only two places where ancient cultures buried their dead in bogs : 1. Other than that, I did notice a 2012 book by Rachel K Wentz, a student of Glen Doran, titled "Life and Death at Windover: Excavations of a 7,000 Year-Old Pond Cemetery" that is available at Amazon. (Sophia Jones video) "I've only ever seen Windover in photos, I've never seen … Central Florida Interesting no? 5. Windover pond is a secluded body of water near the eastern coast of central Florida, minutes from Kennedy Space Center, in the city of Titusville. In 1982 construction near Windover Pond inadvertantly led to the discovery of more than 150 early Archaic burials, including 91 skulls with brain tissue still intact in them. Windover Pond is a 7000 year old burial site in Brevard County Florida. The ancient history of man in Florida comes alive in this exhibit! Windover bog people. ABOVE VIDEO: Windover Pond – named after the development — is the site of one of the most significant archaeological finds ever made in North America, an underwater cemetery created by ancient people about 8,000 years ago. Dr. Wentz does a wonderful job of telling the two stories of Windover.

The amazingly well-preserved remains were determined to be between 7,000 and 8,000 years old, making them 3,200 years older than King Tutankhamen and The Windover Archaeological Site was discovered in 1982 and funding to excavate the pond was awarded in 1984. The other story introduces you to the amazing people and … This 8,000 year old settlement in Florida “exhibited a civilization far beyond what had been previously believed that ancient Indians in North America and Florida would have shown”, including finely woven cloth, tools, a pestle and mortar. Enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle, exquisite branded finishes and fixtures and first floor master bedrooms.