This is the case for the San Andreas, which runs along the boundary of the Pacific and North American plates. The San Andreas Fault—made infamous by the 1906 San Francisco earthquake—is a strike-slip fault.

On places on or near fault lines, there is a split in the Earth's crust (I think). More recently, the Sichuan region in China suffered a …

Earthquakes are more likely to occur on these lines. To watch a video flyover of the Greendale Fault in Canterbury click here. Most earthquakes occur along plate boundaries, but they can also happen in the middle of plates along intraplate fault zones.

Because of fault lines.

By Monica Heger 14 February 2011. Earthquakes can also rarely occur in the middle of tectonic plates. California has a fault line, so there are many Earthquakes. A fault line is a fracture along which the crust has moved. Strike-slip faults tend to occur along the boundaries of plates that are sliding past each other. The major fault lines of the world are located at the fringes of the huge tectonic plates that make up Earth’s crust. Shares. The Southern San Andreas fault has been building pressure and a quake near the Salton Sea is thought to be imminent. Earthquakes occur most often along geologic faults, narrow zones where rock masses move in relation to one another. This means two fault blocks are moving past each other horizontally. During the winter of 1811–1812, a series of earthquakes struck New Madrid, Missouri. Scientists aren't yet able to predict earthquakes, but people living near fault lines can help protect themselves by living in earthquake-protected housing and practicing earthquake drills.

Over time, pressure builds up due to movements elsewhere along the fault, and eventually the plates slide, causing an earthquake. Mid-Continent Earthquakes May Migrate from Fault to Fault . Stresses in the crust along New Zealand’s plate boundary have broken it into separate fragments or blocks that move relative to each other along fault lines.

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