The Freelancer's Mimic (Level 14) copies the last move used by any team member, but without the corresponding costs. Available now ... Time your turns tactically and turn the tides in your favor with the new Brave and Default system.

The two icons associated with Freelancer. The best ones to use are Amped Strike (Pirate Level 14) for physical jobs and Meteor (Time Magic) for magical jobs. Its real strength lies in its Specialty and level 14 ability, making it a great endgame job for those willing to grind all jobs to max. For more guides, visit my Master Guide List for Bravely Default.

Being someone who loved Final Fantasy 5, I was extremely pleased to see its return. Bravely Default: Flying Fairy is the critically acclaimed classic JRPG by Square Enix for the Nintendo 3DS. My favourite aspect of Bravely Default was the Jobs system. A boss that once seemed impossible to defeat can be steamrolled with the right lineup. In Bravely Default, the right team makes all the difference.

Known for blending traditional gameplay with modern mechanics and beautiful art direction, the series has spawned a direct sequel entitled Bravely Second: End Layer, along with three JP-exclusive mobile spin-off titles. Equipment guide: What they use, and the optimal equips; Ability List: What level they get them. You want to start with 3 BP in reserve, then Brave four times (the maximum amount); use Free Lunch first, then select your high-cost move three times. This guide will cover everything about Conjurer including: Unlocking Conjurer: How to unlock the job. Compared to Final Fantasy games, Bravely Default's Freelancer is a blend of whatever the default is, Onion Knight, and Mime. At the very beginning of the game, only three Jobs i.e. Black Mage, White Mage, and Monk are available to choose from. Bravely Default Guide: What are the Best and Most Overpowered Job and Ability Combos? What I particularly liked was how you could pair it with another job class for very interesting strategies.
In a sense, it functions like a more versatile version of Free Lunch; you could have one character use an ability followed by three lots of Mimic and the remaining three characters all using Mimic, freeing one extra move for three characters. Cross Job Tips: Which jobs fit well with Conjurer. Bravely Default. Nothing says a great JRPG like the ability to completely break the system. For more help on Bravely Default, read our Death Blow and Magic Abilities Guide .