There have been 115 hurricane or tropical storms that affected the U.S. state of New Jersey.Due to its location, few hurricanes have hit the state directly, though numerous hurricanes have passed near or through New Jersey in its history. Hurricane Sandy made landfall in the United States about 8 p.m. EDT Oct. 29, striking near Atlantic City, N.J., with winds of 80 mph. hurricane sandy is think to hit new jersey, vast apple, and Pennsylvania . In combination with a full moon and high tide, a 14-foot wave surge in New York Harbor tops the seawall in lower Manhattan and floods parts of New York’s subway system and a crucial tunnel.

Hurricane Sandy hit the state of New Jersey head-on when it made landfall on Monday, decimating the Jersey shoreline and knocking out power to over a million people. 8 p.m.: Sandy comes ashore near Atlantic City, New Jersey, with hurricane-force winds of 90 mph. The storm is no longer considered a hurricane but is now classified as a post-tropical nor’easter. Sandy slams Jersey shore. It did $70.2 billion in economic damage. But by the time it made landfall, it was downgraded to a tropical storm. A barreling Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New Jersey this evening, hours earlier than previously expected.

Hurricane Sandy approaching the New Jersey coastline on October 29, 2012.. It had been a Category 3 storm. I stay in jersey an we are gonna be gettin it incredibly undesirable Homes in Seaside Heights, New Jersey sit in ruins on the Atlantic Ocean waterfront after being destroyed by Hurricane Sandy on October 31, 2012. New York was severely affected by Hurricane Sandy in 2012, particularly New York City, its suburbs, and Long Island.Sandy's impacts included the flooding of the New York City Subway system, of many suburban communities, and of all road tunnels entering Manhattan except the Lincoln Tunnel.The New York Stock Exchange closed for two consecutive days.

But the storm’s unusual path from the southeast makes its storm surge much worse for New Jersey and New York. As a hurricane and post-tropical cyclone, Sandy was responsible for 117 deaths in the United States and 69 more in Canada and the Caribbean. A yacht rests beside two homes after it was driven inland by flood waters, Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012, in the Staten Island borough of New York. Numerous homes and businesses were … In the storm's aftermath, the Newark mayor has been tweeting non-stop, offering updates on power outages , calming frazzled constituents and checking up on those in need.

. These pictures speak for themselves.

Read CNN's Fast Facts on Hurricane Sandy. Sandy, the storm that made landfall Monday, caused multiple fatalities, halted mass transit and cut power to more than 6 million homes and businesses. This figure has been adjusted for inflation. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. On October 24, with sustained 80-mile- (about 130-km-) per-hour winds, Sandy became a category 1 hurricane in the waters just south of Jamaica. Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey on October 29, 2012. Staten Island Post-Sandy. Editor's note: This article originally published Oct. 30, 2012. It was the fourth-worst storm in U.S. history. 25 Incredible Pictures Of Hurricane Sandy's Destruction In New Jersey The Jersey Shore was hit hardest by Hurricane Sandy. 8 p.m.: Sandy’s center comes ashore near Atlantic City, New Jersey. 1 / 15. Superstorm Sandy The evolution of Superstorm Sandy, from its origin as a tropical depression in the Caribbean Sea and its transformation into a hurricane. The Night Hurricane Sandy Hit New York City. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration expects … some factors gets it worse than others nevertheless. The Great Hurricane of 1903 made a direct hit on New Jersey, causing substantial damage to houses and barns, many of which had their roofs blown off, according to a report by