Set up a cranky, funny voicemail, and share a moment of laughter with your dear ones, before they understand your intention behind it … Same number, same murmur, another hangup. The Mandarin-language calls have been bombarding residents across the US.

Then there was another ring, and another voicemail.

Unfortunately, the scam managed to … Many non-Chinese people have reported getting the calls too, and being left confused. Those Chinese-language robo-calls are a scam to get your bank information, officials say Cellphone users have started to notice a barrage of Chinese-language robocalls. Chinese Embassy Robocall Scam Rakes in $40M From Victims. Got a weird chinese voicemail on my phone and thought I would share this type of scam. This was on a 510. Would you like some help from us? Are you thinking about changing your voicemail greeting? These voicemails are SO WEIRD. 15 Hilariously Funny Voicemail Ideas – Make Yours Like These. Ahhhh thank you for confirming this, a friend who dabbles in Chinese but isn’t fluent listened to my voicemail and said he thought it was a scam pretending to be the chinese embassy. Then, a third ring. (John … In New York alone, 21 Chinese immigrants have paid out at least $2.5 million since December, according to the New York Police Department. This time I let it go to voicemail. The Chinese Consulate-General has urged Chinese citizens in …

Victims range in … I picked up, heard a low voice murmuring in an unfamiliar language, and hung up. Caller ID showed an out-of-town area code. A few seconds later, my phone rang again.

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