There have been: (M1.5 or greater) 211 earthquakes in the past 24 hours 1,794 earthquakes in the past 7 days; 6,606 earthquakes in the past 30 days; 68,423 earthquakes in the past 365 days White lines are roads.

this month: 6.5 in Tonopah , Nevada , United States. Click on an event "DATE" to get additional text information. To access USGS earthquake information without using javascript, use our Magnitude 2.5+ Earthquakes, Past Day ATOM Feed or o

EMSC (European Mediterranean Seismological Centre) provides real time earthquake information for seismic events with magnitude larger than 5 in the European Mediterranean area … The largest earthquake in United States: today: 3.8 in Tonopah , Nevada , United States. Brown lines represent known hazardous faults or fault zones. Javascript must be enabled to view our earthquake maps. Not in the list?

Times are local (PST or PDT). this week: 5.0 in Tonopah , Nevada , United States.

Report it Here - Tell Us! What happens when I click on an earthquake? Find the earthquake you felt, and then tell us about it. Sorted: Recent. Magnitude 3 and greater earthquakes are printed in bold type. this year: 7.1 in Ridgecrest , California , United States. Earthquakes recorded for the last week (168 hours). Maps are updated within about 5 minutes of an earthquake or once an hour. The most recent earthquakes are at the top of the list. Click on the word "map" or "MAP" to see a map displaying the earthquake. (DYFI) collects information from people who felt an earthquake and creates maps that show what people experienced and the extent of damage. Report an Unknown Event. DYFI, Past 24 Hours.

2020-05-24 16:18:29 UTC: M3.2 : CRETE, GREECE: 14min ago: Depth:1 Km 442 km S of Athens, Greece / pop: 730,000 / local time: 19:18:29.5 2020-05-24 Did You Feel It?