This advice applies to England Print If you’ve been treated unfairly by a healthcare provider because of who you are, you may have been discriminated against. Discrimination which is against the Equality Act is unlawful. It was really disappointing to be treated in Ealing Hospital at Day Care Centre where no one cares for the patients including Drs. I have very bad spd too the point I get up walk a little and my legs and hips give way and I fall too the ground. Hi this is my first post and seriously could do with a good rant and a bit of a pick me up and reassurance . Unfair treatment at work due to illness. My wife was sent home without having treatment as female Dr was requested (same sex) and appointment was arranged at 07:30am with a female Dr. We arrived at 0730am on the day and were told by Dr, there will be team of 11 male and female which will be present during… (7 Posts) Add message | Report. To understand how perceptions of unfair treatment both within and outside the work environment might affect health, the researchers followed 8,298 London civil service workers for … I am also 4ft 9 and currently 37 weeks + 3 days gone. If any of your staff have a disability or a mental health condition, you should take reasonable steps to try to make their job easier for them. xljdawson2015x Fri 06-Mar-15 15:54:33. The law which says you mustn’t be discriminated against is called the Equality Act 2010. Unfair treatment at hospital?

For example, can you make changes to the office workstation for a disabled employee? Discrimination in health services - who's treating you unfairly?