If so, do employers place value in their certs? However, Coursera seems to be a bit better value than Udacity in my opinion. Whether it is a blog, search engine, game or app, Udacity will help you build something that publicly demonstrates your skills. Think of free courses as a textbook. Udacity courses also include project(s) that you can add to your portfolio. In the context of what they offer, I feel that the price is very much worth it. Anyone is welcome to read the textbook but the publisher would not confirm whether or not you read the book. I took the ML nanodegree before that i tried Andrew ng's course at coursera and the quality of the videos were really bad so i went with Udacity. So I was going to start looking into PLC Certificates and I saw Udemy has a lot of courses in regards to them. -Udacity and edX have both announced partnerships with Pearson VUE, where students interested in an official certification can take a final exam in any of the 4000 Pearson VUE test centres around the world for a nominal fee. I am currently enrolled in Udacity's iOS Nanodegree. We do not offer an option of earning a free certificate. Hey guys, I am looking to expand upon my resume with some certificates and I know Controls Engineers are always in need. So as the title says, are they legit or a scam? See more Do you offer any certificates for free? Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. How can I provide feedback to Udacity? You can watch all the lessons and do the mini-quizzes for free but doing each project and receiving the feedback is like 50% of the value of the course. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. However, Coursera seems to be a bit better value than Udacity in my opinion. This indicates that the certificates have limited value and might not enhance your resume. Does Udacity accept from or provide transfer credits to accredited educational institutions? In the context of what they … Udemy Vs Udacity: Accreditation and Certificates Udemy. Though Udemy offers certificates of completion for any course completed on this platform, the courses are not accredited similar to that of a university or educational institution. There's no denying that both Udacity vs Coursera offer high-quality course content.