Khuda Ki Basti Drama Actress Zaheen Tahra Passed Away - Ghazi News by Ghazi News. Almost everybody who appeared in Khuda Ki Basti later became a legend for television in Pakistan and a single drama produced so many stars in Pakistan.
Behroze Sabzwari owns a car showroom on Tariq Road in Karachi. Time is going ahead but due to the decline of the standards of entertainment industry more people are looking back to the gone moments and memories.

36:24. khuda ki basti by TheZaibmalik. 0:41. The vintage Khuda Ki Basti is hoped to become more and more popular with the passage of time.
1:45. During the PTV serial era, he became known for his role of playing Qabacha in the drama series Tanhaiyaan , with Bollywood actor Raj Kapoor also having acknowledged him. KHUDA KI BASTI-1974 B&W Version (TITLE) by Raju Jamil. Qazi …

URDU NOVEL KHUDA KI BASTI PART 02 by Sharif Chitrali Official. KHUDA KI BASTI MEMORIES by Kashif Mughal. 2:21. kaleem kazmi Khuda ki Basti Scene1.mpeg by syedkaleem. 0:26. The classic plays such as Man Chalay Ka Sauda, Parchaiyan, Nangay Paon, Waris, Khuda Ki Basti, Tapish and Hawaain had powerful screenplays, memorable dialogues with outstanding performances. 1:32 .

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