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Melodic Death Metal. Soundgarden, Judas Priest Finish In Top 5 Of Rock Hall Fan Vote… Anthony Bourdain's Mother Dead At 85… Chester Bennington's Old Band Grey Daze Talks Upcoming Tribute Album… Music, radio and podcasts, all free. The Rock - home of Rog, Bryce and Mulls on The Morning Rumble, Rock Drive with Jay & Dunc, The Rock 1500 and The No Repeat Workday. NZ's rock radio station, home of The Morning Rumble, The No Repeat Workday and Thane & Dunc. Alternative Rock.

now playing Dream Theater - Caught in a Web. Listen online or download the iHeartRadio App. The top ten of the "500 Greatest Albums of All Time" contains four Beatles albums: "Sgt. 60s Rock Take a trip back in time to the glorious sounds of 60s rock, blending country, blues and surf sounds. Classic Hard Rock The loud guitars, the heavy drum solos, and a classic sound that has upset parents for generations.

Add us on Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter - @therockfm now playing Electric Guest - Back For Me. Breakfast with Paul Anthony. now playing Music Explosion - Little Bit O' Soul. The original master of shock rock, Alice Cooper presents "Nights with Alice", playing great tunes and telling a tale of two from his incredible career. Then from 9am: The Planet Rock Years. now playing Dawn Of Tears - The Darkest Secret.

Paul has your Full English selections, plus prizes in The Big End. Turn on the rock radio of your choice and drift through the variety of rock on offer on our platform! The Rock - New Zealand's rock radio station TV Classic Metal From Black Sabbath to Iron Maiden - the leaders of the metal movement for your sonic enjoyment. now playing Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks. Rise and shine with the loudest breakfast show in the UK! Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" released in 1967, "Revolver" from 1966, "Rubber Soul" from 1965 and "The White Album" from 1968 - which is why they can be clearly marked out as the best band of all time. Progressive Rock.