By Jesse Mulligan Kanoa Lloyd on set at The Project. Lloyd also read the news on radio's Mai FM, from 2012 to 2014. The Project host Kanoa Lloyd has called out a "creep" online seller who made an unsolicited comment about her appearance. The Project NZ host Kanoa Lloyd has clarified that it's okay for women to be complimented - but in the right circumstances. Lloyd says pottery has always been part of her life. The Project NZ's Kanoa Lloyd has had to clarify why compliments can make women uncomfortable after an online stoush garnered attention. “There were pot plants, fruit bowls, just everything,” she says, adding that even after her parents split up, pottery was a … In February 2017 Lloyd became one of the three inaugural presenters of 7pm current affairs/entertainment show The Project. In the messages, the pair were trying to arrange a firewood delivery. The Three presenter shared screenshots of the text exchange to her Instagram, asking her followers: "Why do women have to deal with this?" Most of us — maybe 99 out of 100 — spend our professional lives learning how to look like we’re … Whether The Project NZ is an export triumph or an over-the-ditch disaster will rely less on the set and graphics and more on whether the hosts gel as well as their Australian counterparts. Photo / Rebecca Zephyr Thomas. The Project host won over New Zealand audiences in 2018, and the best is yet to come . Friday Dec. 21, 2018 People who work on TV are funny creatures. Why Kanoa Lloyd Is This Year's Small Screen Queen.

Project NZ Host Kanoa Lloyd “Encroached Upon” At Service Station After being allegedly “objectified” by some guy just trying to sell some firewood at exactly the wrong time of the year last week, Project NZ panelist and apparent royalty has had another run in with the “great unwashed”. Lloyd also read the news on radio's Mai FM, from 2012 to 2014. Host of The Project Presenter MC Pina Coladas + Caught in Rain Sagittarius For bookings please contact Johnson & Laird Management 175 talking about this.