What a waste. I actually got this game free with Origin’s On The House offer back in March, but I bought it in a bundle with the first Syberia game on Steam during the Summer Sale. It’s wonderful that the game continues in the same spirit as its predecessor, with all puzzles nicely integrated into both the story and the physical environments. The second entry in a well loved series that has seen re-releases on the Nintendo Switch, I didn’t get to review the first one. Syberia II also cures a big dialog problem in the first Syberia game. … Released in 2004 by Microïds, this point and click adventure game continues Kate Walker’s journey straight from where we left off in the first game. The game follows Kate Walker, an American lawyer tasked with overseeing the major sale of a company and her … Kate Walker's continuing adventure is shrouded in mystery, but can it live up to the reputation of the original? Released in 2002, Syberia was a first-class adventure title thrust into a crowded market. Not too long ago, we headed to a Rogers Video store to rent some games, and saw Syberia II … Syberia II Review. Fri, September 13, 2019 1:41 am PDT. But nonetheless, as someone who is quite the fan of adventure games in the classic sense, I was excited to get to finally get to grips with the Syberia series, even if … Syberia II has a Illustrated realism style and uses a Gamepad, Point-and-click control scheme. Syberia 2 had a lot of potential that it simply can't fullfill. Kate's boss's search for her has sinister overtones for about two-thirds of the game, even involving a private investigator hounding her path into the Siberian wilderness; then it fizzles into a vague … It was a different, sparser, time for adventure games. Even worse, the same list of topics … Like its predecessor, a lot of the challenges involve Kate getting broken things to work. The frequency of puzzles in Syberia II is not as high as in many adventure / puzzle titles, but there is plenty here to keep your brain occupied. Syberia II is a pure point and click adventure game, built very much in the style of Myst. Syberia II is an adventure game, released in 2004 by Microïds. The psuedo-3D game … Syberia 2 is an odd one for me to review. Syberia 3’s original launch was planned for June, 2010, a whopping seven years ago. Again, if you have played Syberia, recall that every time we spoke to a character in that game, a list of topics would appear, and those topics would stay on the list even after we had covered them.

The game was developed by French studio Microids and mainly conceived by Belgian comic book artist Benoit Sokal. I’m glad I didn’t … Syberia II Review.