The blackberry, blueberry, raspberry and the strawberry plants for sale are all native to North America and counted among the many treasures early explorers took back to Europe.. Berry plants, bushes and vines are perfect for planting in a wide range of spaces. Berries and berry plants have been an American treasure for centuries. Plant the strawberries so that the roots are covered in soil but the crown is exposed to fresh air and light. Avg. Tall plants have fern-like dark green foliage dotted with tiny cream-yellow colored flowers. Anne is a large-fruited fall bearer that ripens at the same time as Heritage.

Plants ship between January - July, depending on zone. The Chandler Strawberry has a very large, medium red, glossy finish, with a large conical to long wedge shaped. Please enter a quantity before adding to cart. Also known as sweet sagewort, sweet wormwood, and Chinese wormwood. Released by the cooperative breeding program of MD, NJ, VA and WI, Anne raspberry has special characteristics.

Strawberry plants should be spaced 30-40cm (12-16in) apart with a 75-90cm (30-36in) gap between rows. Ship dates are selected during checkout process. Garden strawberry plants prefer soil that's slightly acidic with a pH of 5.8 to 6.2. The attractions of strawberries are many; the cost of planting stock is small, and they produce fruit even when given the minimum of attention and expense, though under these conditions the crop will vary in size considerably from year to year. This particular strawberry has been adapted to … Enter your zip code, city, state, or address in the field below to find your nearest retailer. Other companies are Hadwin Supply and Berthoud Montana Sprayers. Use foliage for wreaths and as filler for mixed bouquets. Find a Bonnie Plants retailer in your area. Fruit holds a pale yellow color and is highly productive. Packet: 500 seeds. Sweetly aromatic everlasting. Description: ‘Strawberry Festival’ dominated the Florida industry for almost a decade until 2012 and is a grower favorite because it has a sturdy bush that is easy to harvest, doesn’t yield huge quantities of fruit on any one date, and produces very few cull fruit. Whether you have a large backyard, a small patio garden or something in between, it can do wonders for your space. Suppliers of products to the fruit, vegetable, nursery, and specialty agriculture markets in the eastern U.S. Group of companies includes Indiana Berry and Plant Co. (different types of berries, rhubarb, asparagus, horseradish, Kiwi, and grapes). 585,700 seeds/oz. The fruit quality is excellent, and the Chandler Strawberry produces a high yield, which are excellent for coastal areas.