ISBN 13: 9780606223157. In its spectacular finale, Luke Skywalker finally stands fast against the entire First Order and saves the day. The Last Jedi‘s answer isn’t the one fans expected, and not what many hoped for, but it is nonetheless the correct one if you think of Star Wars as a genuine mythology, the way George Lucas does.

Star Wars is not just a rousing space swashbuckler or sci-fi shoot-em-up. Menu and widgets . Star Wars: The Power of Myth. Decades of books, TV shows, video games, card games, role-playing games, and other marginalia may have obscured this fact but, at its core, Star Wars is a myth — a very old story dressed up in very new clothes. It is not revolutionary, but evolutionary. Star Wars and the Power of Franchise How Myth, Narrative and Branding Created a Legend. The eternal struggle between good and evil, embodied on screen by the dark-sided Sith, the Empire, and the First Order versus the Force-wielding Jedi, the Republic, and the Rebellion. John, David.

The answer is myth. Publisher: Demco Media, 2002. The Star Wars storyline covers much ground in service to myth. But the heroic Luke we recognize from our childhood returns only as a projection. Each subplot plays out in this long “reel” war, and at least indirectly has influenced the way Americans think about real war. The series, created in 1977 by director George Lucas about young farm … This specific ISBN edition is currently not available.

Star Wars: The Power of Myth. 3.76 avg rating • (49 ratings by Goodreads) ISBN 10: 0606223150 ISBN 13: 9780606223157. Star Wars: The Magic of Myth is a traveling exhibition created by the Smithsonian Institute, featuring props and costumes used in the Star Wars films, but focusing primarily on the mythic themes behind George Lucas' fantasy worlds and characters using Joseph Campbell's influential book The Hero With a Thousand Faces as a model. It's hard to think of a modern myth with more staying power than "Star Wars." Studying Star Wars: Lessons From a Galaxy Far, Far Away. Home; Search for: Studying Star Wars.

We are at a time that seems to be “peak Star Wars,” some 40 years after the move was first released to the moviegoing public.