Some popular examples include Songmeanings, MetroLyrics, and Song365. its kinda slow..not really upbeat. me also pls tell how to dowenload . This Ain't a Love Song [#2] 1995. Hey hey hey, hey hey hey, hey hey hey Hey hey hey, hey hey hey, hey hey hey I was there like your mother Like a brother, like a friend Said. The song was written by Perry, Sia Furler, Sarah Hudson, Max Martin and Ali Payami, ... Perry sang lead and background vocals for "Hey Hey Hey", with Astrid S providing additional background vocals. MichaelJordanWeb Recommended for you. background song from the movie pyar kiya to darna kya !! The question is what's the name of the song that goes “Hey hey hey … what's goin’ on” It's a bit funny that Quora keeps asking a question that has been answered correctly already. The songs are "Ho Hey" by The Lumineers or "Little Talks" by Of Monsters and Men. The song was played for the first time during an exclusive album listening party in Berlin, Germany. Asked by Dallas Weissnat. "Hey Hey Hey" is the second song by Katy Perry from her fifth studio album, Witness. its not fat albert or money maker or hey … 2019-03 … I'm Callin' Tennis . The song was part of an album called “Bigger, Better, Faster, More” and was released in 1992. The song is “What's Up?” written by the group “4 Non Blondes”. [TOMT] Song that says “hey” in background This song sounds like it has someone saying hey in the background and the song itself sounds like it’s being rap by a … John saw it as a subconscious attempt by Paul to reconcile his own loss of John to Yoko. Musically, "Hey Hey Hey" is a rock and electronica-influenced, dark dream pop and "2000s" electropop song. By 2015, Major Lazer’s Lean On was the most streamed song of all time, ... but when you look to the use of ‘Hey!’ as a background vocal or just a sound, it can get diluted. A guy sings the main lines & someone else keeps on adding "hey, hey, hey" to every line the other person is saying. The only things I can remember are there's a constant group of strong male voices repeating "Hey" in the background every now and then. If this is the question you are asking then there is the possibility that you might be talking about one of two songs that are out right now. SoundCloud Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya - Hey Hey Background Music !! It's an older song, I'd guess 90's or earlier. i think r&b or alternative NOT ROCK. Perhaps that's the track you're looking for. A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey!" There are a countless number of song lyric websites which happen to have the lyrics for "Snow Hey OH". Perry has described the song as how she's "more than one thing". However - It is one of the great songs of the 90s. XD by Nick Aloria from desktop or your mobile device. (Goin' Back to Birmingham)", was written by Little Richard and recorded on May 9, 1956 at J&M Studio, New Orleans, Louisiana (supervised by Bumps Blackwell. The song "Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey", also known as "Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey! The only part I remember is a choir like part mid song. THE SONG IS CALLED "HEY SOUL SISTER" by TRAIN What's a song that everyone likes, but no one will admit to? Genre background music Comment by devrajswami567. XD by Nick Aloria published on 2014-05-29T06:10:44Z. A guy sings the main lines & someone else keeps on adding "hey, hey, hey" to every line the other person is saying. its kinda slow..not really upbeat.