When these clouds, called coronal mass ejections, make their way to the Earth in 3-4 days, they collide with the magnetic field of the Earth and cause it to change its shape.
Researchers at the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF) in Uppsala now have an answer to one of the questions about how this actually occurs. The other side of the magnetic field stretches into a long, trailing tail. … A wind of charged particles blows outwards from the Sun, carrying a magnetic field with it. Charged particles from solar wind bombard the Earth on a daily basis, but the strong force of the magnetic field keeps them at bay. This means that the earth’s magnetic field can only influence charged particles. Sometimes this solar wind can break through the Earth’s magnetic field. The particles squish and flatten the side of the magnetic field that faces the Sun.
It affects it by the intense clouds of high energy particles that it often contains which are produced by solar storms. When particles from the sun hit Earth during solar storms, our planet breaks into "song." The Earth's magnetic field, which protects life on our planet by blocking the majority of harmful solar radiation, is mysteriously weakening in specific locations. Magnetic fields are generated by the movement of magnetic material located inside the planet, usually at the core. Earth’s magnetic field is a complex and dynamic force that helps in sustaining life by shielding us from cosmic radiations and other charged particles from the Sun. Notice how the solar wind shapes the magnetic field. In this image, the blue lines represent the shield created by Earth’s magnetic field. Over the last two centuries, it has lost nearly 10% of its strength, leading some to speculate that a multi-century pole reversal has begun. When Earth’s magnetic field is struck by solar storms, it releases a series of high frequency waves that form a haunting tune. The particles from the sun are charged, which means they respond to the magnetic field and move around it. Solar phenomena are the natural phenomena occurring within the magnetically heated outer atmospheres in the Sun.These phenomena take many forms, including solar wind, radio wave flux, energy bursts such as solar flares, coronal mass ejection or solar eruptions, coronal heating and sunspots.. These phenomena are apparently generated by a helical dynamo near the center of the … It works on the basis of dynamo effect and the molten metals in the earth's core create electric currents. The Project Apollo missions deployed passive aluminum collectors in an attempt to sample the solar wind, and lunar soil returned for study confirmed that the lunar regolith is enriched in atomic nuclei deposited from the solar wind. The Earth's Moon has no atmosphere or intrinsic magnetic field, and consequently its surface is bombarded with the full solar wind. These, in turn, generate the electromagnetic field of the planet. Magnetic fields protect planets and atmospheres from solar particles. Space is not empty. The magnetic field is why compasses and GPS work, and it protects the planet from charged solar particles that can damage electrical equipment. Photons ie electromagnetic radiation) are neutral and along with any other neutral particles, these are are not affected by a magnetic field.

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