Those of us involved in any of these practices do it in service to others. Coaching The Coach’s primary attention is on strengthen the client’s wisdom, thought processes, and directed action toward the future, based on the client’s self-identified agenda. Our definition of coaching and mentoring is that: Both coaching and mentoring are learning relationships which help people to take charge of their own development, to release their potential and to achieve results which they value. Mentoring is a relationship between two colleagues, in which the more experienced colleague uses their greater knowledge and understanding of the work or workplace to support the development of the less experienced colleague. There is much debate in the literature about the differences and similarities between coaching and mentoring. Know the Difference Between Coaching and Mentoring The Center for Corporate and Professional Development | One of the most frequent questions that I am asked as a coach is, “What is the difference between a coach and a mentor?” While the skills required are similar, and both are used as professional development tools, the structure and the outcome are quite different. Mentoring, particularly in its traditional sense, enables an individual to follow in the path of an older and wiser colleague who can pass on knowledge, experience and open doors to otherwise out-of-reach opportunities. Coaching. The International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentoring (APC&M) offers this useful Round table discussion about the differences between Coaching, Mentoring & Supervision. Training, coaching, mentoring Here Are the Similarities in Training, Coaching, Mentoring. Focus . As can be seen above, there are many similarities between coaching and mentoring! Today we are going to explore the differences between coaching, mentoring and counselling (with a focus on coaching). Coaching and mentoring share many key skills and similarities and yet they are different processes so it makes sense to outline those similarities and recognise the differences. Differences Between Coaching, Counseling, Managing, Mentoring, Consulting and Training. February 2012 talent management magazine 35 While coaching and mentoring use many of the same skills, one is short term and task-based while the other promises a longer-term relationship. However, some coaching relationships can last longer, depending on goals achieved. Timeframe. Brefi Group, a UK-based change-management organization, sums up the key difference between mentoring and coaching in this thought-provoking sentence: "A coach has some great questions for your answers; a mentor has some great answers for your questions."