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1/6th scale m-8 "greyhound" us 3rd armored division armored scout car with winterized weather finish battle of the bulge! Numerically, the White Scout Car was a resounding wartime success with nearly 21,000 of its type produced during WW-II!

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Ultimate Soldier 21st Century M3 Scout Car 1/6 Scale at the best online prices at eBay! One of the vehicles required to equip the new formations was a small 4×4 scout car for general liaison and reconnaissance duties.

Primary external differences from the M3 were a widening of the body over the fenders, the removal of the rear door of the M3 and the addition of the front roller.

566 built – 1933, heavy armored car.

Entries are listed below in alphanumeric order (1-to-Z). Armored scout car – 6,626 built total A scout car for the Army.

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S1 Scout Car. Standard Car 4×2, or Car Armoured Light Standard, better known as the Beaverette, was a British armoured car produced during World War II.

Scout cars are either unarmed or lightly armed for self-defense and do not carry large caliber weapons systems. 3311 built – 1938, late heavy armored car, wartime version.


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A scout car is a purpose-built wheeled light armored vehicle used for passive reconnaissance. From 1940, the British Tank Mission in the United States was responsible for procuring US armoured vehicles, at first by purchase, and later by Lend-Lease. The Daimler Dingo was arguably the most successful British reconnaissance armored car of World War Two, to the point of being copied by the Italians (Breda Lince).However, the company that built it, Birmingham Small Arms design was already working on a parallel project. The vehicle was based on a Ford F15 4×2 chassis (a single 4×4 vehicle was built). Light Army Car.

It was used in various roles including patrol, scouting, command vehicle, ambulance and gun tractor. It was also known as the White Scout Car, after its manufacturer, the White Motor Company.

Halftrack, Scout Car, Sherman And Stuart Tank Trouble Light, Late Style Clamshell, Single Contacts. Mod "[WW2 Collection] M3A1 Scout Car" version 23.01.20 for Ravenfield (Build 18) The M3A1 Scout Car was the final development of the series of American armoured "White Scout Cars". This armoured car produced in Australia for the US Army during the Second World War.

The German Army understood - better than most - the value of the fast, armed reconnaissance vehicle in World War 2. See more ideas about Military history, Wwii, Vehicle paint.

All began in 1936, with a specification issued by the US Army Ordnance for a fast, light armored scout vehicle capable of … This scout belongs to our son who is now in the United States Air Force.