Sapporo Dome Stadium Sapporo Dome Capacity and Stadium Guide. Add Sapporo Atsubetsu Park Stadium to your football ground map and create an online map of the grounds you have visited. Watch this video to learn all about Sapporo Dome in Sapporo, Japan. Completed: May 26, 2001.

Capacity can be increased to 53,796 with temporary seats.

Sapporo Dome is a football stadium located in the city/town of Sapporo in Japan, Asia. The following is a list of football stadiums in Japan, ordered by capacity.

Summary of events: Match schedule: Saturday 21 September.

A 3: Tenant/use : City: Stadium: Capacity: Built: Seats : JPN: Horse Racing-use: Tokyo: Tokyo Racecourse: 223 000: 1933: 13 750 : JPN: Horse Racing-use: Chiba It can house 41,410 spectators for rugby fixtures. Sapporo Dome has a maximum stadium capacity of 42831 spectators.

Saitama Stadium is the largest football-specific stadium in all of Japan and one of the largest in all of Asia. 19:15 (JST) England v Tonga Introduction: Sapporo Dome is truly one of the world’s great sporting stadiums. Due to the elimination of field level seats, the dome has a capacity of only 40,476 for baseball games compared to 41,484 for soccer. ... the stadium has a seating capacity of just over 63,000. It can accommodate 40,476 fans for baseball games. Its seating capacity is 41,484 seats for football matches. Plus stadium information including stats, map, photos, directions, reviews, interesting facts and useful links Sapporo Dome is a multi-sports venue situated in Sapporo, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan.

Sapporo Dome is truly one of the world’s great sporting stadiums.
Football statistics of the stadium Sapporo Atsubetsu Park Stadium. Watch this video to learn all about Sapporo Dome in Sapporo, Japan. All stadiums with a capacity of 5,000 or more are included.

Capacity: 41,410. Capacity: 41, 484 This northern all-weather stadium is home to the Consaladore Sapporo football team & the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters baseball team.

Back in 2002 they unleashed the Sapporo Dome on the world and fans were wowed by both the indoor stadium…

Designed to host baseball matches in a diamond format, it transforms and reshapes to house a rectangular field for rugby or football.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely you will see this process live, but the tour shows the 8-hour process in a 3- minute video. JAPAN is known for it's innovation - and that stretches to their sport stadiums. How many football grounds have you been to?

View larger map Name of stadium: Sapporo Dome: Total capacity: 41.983: Seats: 41.983: including 41.983 covered: Built: 2001: Construction costs: €387.00m: Undersoil heating:

Consadole Sapporo are the main occupants of the stadium. 13:45 (JST) Australia v Fiji. It mainly holds baseball and association football matches. * Address: Sapporo * Country: Japan * Capacity: 20,000 * Opened: 1986 * Main use: Football * Tenants: Extra stadium info – Sapporo Atsubetsu Park Stadium The Sapporo Atsubetsu Park Stadium is also used for athletics. Famous for its floating field and observatory it's one more reason to visit Japan in 2019. From the outside it resembles an extra-terrestrial spacecraft, while inside, it’s a fully enclosed, 40,000 seat technological masterpiece.

The northern city of Sapporo will host 2 rugby games for RWC 2019 at Sapporo Dome.
Sunday 22 September.

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