In 1855, at the age of 34, he published his now famous aphorism “omnis cellula e cellula” (“every cell stems from another cell”). Rudolf Virchow would have been 80 years old at the time of death or 193 years old today. Rudolf Virchow, German pathologist and statesman, one of the most prominent physicians of the 19th century. was the causative agent of this enigmatic emerging disease. Rudolf Ludwig Carl Virchow ( / ˈ v ɪər k oʊ , ˈ f ɪər x oʊ / ; [1] German: This was not a new theory. © In 1874 Virchow met Heinrich Schliemann , the discoverer of the site of Troy , and he accompanied Schliemann to Troy in … - Archiv für Pathologische Anatomie und Physiologie klinische Medicine (Berlin), 1855; Apr, 8: 3-39. Adele Virchow (1855-1941) was a housewife.

In 1869 he was part founder of the German Anthropological Society, and in the same year he founded the Berlin Society for Anthropology, … He pioneered the modern concept of pathological processes by his application of the cell theory to explain the effects of disease in the organs and tissues of the body. Virchow was appointed as the chair of pathological anatomy at the University of Wurzburg in 1849 and carried out a great deal of research. This was not a new theory. Virchow, Rudolf Rudolf Virchow, 1892. (Redirected from Virchow's cell theory ‹ The template Infobox scientist is being considered for merging . (b. October 1, 1855 – d. May 18, 1955) Rudolf Ludwig Carl Virchow (1821-1902) Rose Mayer (1832-1913) Karl Virchow (1851-1912) , a chemist Hans Virchow... (b. Rudolf Ludwig Carl Virchow (/ ˈ v ɪər k oʊ, ˈ f ɪər x oʊ /; German: or ; 13 October 1821 – 5 September 1902) was a German physician, anthropologist, pathologist, prehistorian, biologist, writer, editor, and politician. He was the only son of a farmer, who also held a position in local government. Adele Virchow (1 October 1855 – 18 May 1955) – the wife of Rudolf Henning, a prominent professor of German studies; Ernst Virchow (24 January 1858 – 5 April 1942) Marie Virchow (29 June 1866 – 23 October 1951) – the wife of Carl Rabl, a prominent Austrian anatomist; Hanna Elisabeth Maria Virchow (10 May 1873 – 28 November 1963) Death. Rudolf L. Virchow, Cellular - Pathologie.

A founding father of both pathology and social medicine, Virchow analyzed the effects of disease in various organs and tissues of the human body. Virchow’s greatest accomplishment was his observation that a whole organism does not get sick—only certain cells or groups of cells. He received the Copley Medal in 1892. Meanwhile he had been using his enormous influence in the cause of anthropology. In 1855 Virchow published a statement based on his observations Omnis cellula e cellula, which means that all cells arise from pre-existing cells. He discovered many things related to cellular theory, pathology and social medicine.

Rudolf Virchow (1821–1902) Rudolf Carl Virchow was born October 13, 1821, in the small town of Schivelbein, in Eastern Pomerania, now part of Poland.

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