As announced earlier, the new event brought a plethora of new field research, featuring Pokemon that evolve in Gen II by using an evolution item. Pokemon: Johto Quest is a Pokemon Fan Fiction series written by Hailey Sawyer.. Additionally there’s a special quest that rewards evolution items which can then be used with your Johto Festival encountered Pokemon! In the games, all its cities either have plant-themed or color-themed names. It run from April 27th 2020 to May 7th 2020 The series follows a five year old girl named Emily Hawthorne who goes on a journey with her Mareep named Eddy to win all eight Johto league badges to gain admittance to … Johto is a region connected to the western part of Kanto.It was introduced in Generation II, Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Pokémon Crystal, later seen in their remakes, HeartGold and SoulSilver.The third, fourth, and fifth seasons of the anime were also set there. The Pokemon GO Throwback Challenge 2020: Johto Special Research quest is going live around the world. Event-exclusive Field Research tasks will reward encounters with Pokemon originally discovered in the Johto region 2× Catch Stardust and 2× Raid Stardust bonuses will be active The Johto Timed Research is nine-stage research and you can find the list of quests, rewards, and encounters below. Pokemon Go has launched another Throwback Challenge, this time focused on the Johto region. Johto Festival Raid bosses New Field Research Quests. Throwback Challenge Johto: Date Released: May 8th 2020 - May 15th 2020 This collection of Special Research was unique to the Today's View part of the game and provided various challenges to complete. Pokemon Quest Update! Now that Pokemon Quest has received its first update anything is possible. Here's a step-by-step guide including all rewards. The Johto Throwback Challenge in Pokémon Go is a special quest desired to celebrate both the second generation of Pokémon and the games that … This month, Pokemon Go is holding a series of Throwback Challenges, with … will it be like Pokemon … Will Pokemon Quest Johto be possible?