Doom Eternal's Phobos skin is inspired by a physical Doom Slayer action figure, changing the armor's color skin to gold.. Doom gives the Indigo skin—which is actually grey, likely a reference to the mislabeling in the classic title.

Doom Eternal arrives everyone On March 20, 2020. RELATED: Doom Eternal: 5 Reason Why It's The Best Doom Game (& 5 It's Doom 2016) You will need to link your account with each game to unlock their respective rewards. Source: Bethesda ... Doom Eternal 'Mullet Slayer' skin coming for … There’s definitely a reason to join the Slayer’s Club and watch as much content as you can even if you don’t plan on reaching the rank of Doom Slayer. In order to obtain the Doom Eternal Phobos Skin, you'll have to complete the Running Up the High Score milestone, which involves completing the campaign with Extra Life Mode enable while having 10 Extra Lives in your inventory. Doom Eternal gets classic skins for Slayers Club members. In-between ranks will get you stuff like the Imperial Marauder skin at Hellwalker, or the Kaiju Archvile skin at rank Phobos. ... where the Doom guy had an alternate color scheme called "Phobos." A difficult skin to unlock in the game is the Phobos skin, which you can receive by playing through the game’s campaign, but you need to play it in a specific way.

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