The main Types of Personal Selling are as under : Manufacturer’s Salesmen. This type of selling is sometimes called door-to-door selling.

Personal selling includes direct communication with any consumer or business prospect in an effort to make a sale. For example, many companies send their sales executives to make sales presentations at prospective customers’ homes or businesses on a face-to-face basis.

Personal sales representatives sell products and services such as real estate, insurance and cars to consumers, as well as office equipment, supplies and resale goods to business buyers. 1. Public relations is the act of building up a company’s image in the eyes of the community in the hopes of translating the feelings of goodwill into sales. What Are Some Examples of Personal Selling? Asking the hot blonde down the street out on a date - selling. If you are a sales professional or a sales executive engaged in personal selling, you probably get overwhelmed with too much information on the topic of a sales process.

These are salesman employed by a manufacturer to sell his products either directly to consumers or to wholesalers and retailers.

Buying a car (negotiating) - selling. Sellers humanize themselves and show they’re there to help prospects, not sell at them. There is so much information around this subject that sometimes it’s not very easy to figure out what a sales process exactly is and if you need one. Personal selling enables a salesperson to demonstrate a product and tailor the message to the prospect; it is effective in closing a sale.

personal selling is the process whereby the seller or his representative ascertains and activates the needs or wants of the buyer and satisfies the same to the industrial advantage of both the buyer and the seller. 2. Each step of the process has sales-related issues, skills, and training needs, as well as marketing solutions to improve each discrete step. Personal selling can also be conducted in retail and some wholesale locations in which customers come to the seller’ place of business. Important stages in personal selling process. It is important to provide flexibility in prices that salespersons can offer to customers because many deals can be clinched by offering small discounts. Personal selling is an approach that individualizes the sales process. Marketing and sales differ greatly, but have the same goal. 7. PERSONAL SELLING PROCESS GHEORGHE MEGHI ... For example, a stockbroker will need information on a prospect's discretionary income, investment objectives, and preference for discussing brokerage services over the telephone or in person. 3. So instead of taking a megaphone to share features far and wide, you take a step back and turn your head to listen. Many a time discounts have to be given to demonstrate to customers that they are important. 4. An example of public relations might include a company sponsoring a charity event. Sales people are prone to announcing discounts at every hurdle in the personal selling process. Buying property - selling. The list is endless. Back to: Personal selling . The personal selling process is a 7 step approach: prospecting, pre-approach, approach, presentation, meeting objections, closing the sale, and follow-up. Professional salespeople are knowledgeable and creative. Applying for that dream job - selling.

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