The Observatory is a tower in Okanos overlooking The Scar and the Thirteen Towers. Treetop Tower -tretwr- 2. It is based on how much she buys from you per tower, with the price of each Reward varying depending on which tower you got the Flesh from. Torrent Peak -trntpk- 9. It was built by the Elyrian army to watch over the Thirteen Towers, but it was abandoned long ago. GAMEPLAY TIPS IV. Sheerdrop Spire -shrspr- 3.

She is a mysterious old lady who carries her husband around on her back. PANDORA'S TOWER FAQ/WALKTHROUGH BY ERICF87 TABLE OF CONTENTS I. … Voici la liste rangés par genre et par ordre alphabétique.

Later, at the top of the Centrum, Mavda says to the general that they could use Elena's powers to hold the Towers together and end the war. Blazing Citadel -blzcit- 10. Mavda (グライアイ Graiai) is a female character of the Vestra tribe who helps Aeron and Elena after she is cursed at the Harvest Festival. Wellspring Steeple -wspstp- 4. WALKTHROUGH 1. There are three Rewards to obtain from each Tower, and the amount of Flesh required usually doubles for each reward in a Tower. Arcadian Tower -arctwr- 7.

Sous ses apparences mièvres de prime abord, il cache une aventure follement émouvante qui touche directement aux sentiments et à la perception de l'autre. Pandora's Tower (パンドラの塔, Pandora no tō: Kimi no moto e kaeru made?, littéralement Pandora's Tower : Jusqu'à ce que je retourne à vos côtés) est un jeu vidéo de type action-RPG développé par Ganbarion pour l'éditeur Nintendo.Le jeu est sorti le 26 mai 2011 sur Wii au Japon, le 13 avril 2012 en Europe et le 16 avril 2013 en Amérique du Nord.

Since no one uses it anymore, Mavda thinks it is a good place for Elena and Aeron to hide from the army, since they won't look there. Crimson Keep -csmnkp- 5. Mavda and a general enter the room, showing that Mavda tricked them and betrayed them to the guards. For Pandora's Tower on the Wii, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Mavda, all this time I thought... *spoiler*".

Rockshard Rampart -rksrmp- 8. VERSION HISTORY II. Ironclad Turret -icdtrt- 6. She takes the couple to the Observatory to escape the Elyrian army who are searching for them. Mavda will give you rewards for selling a certain amount of Flesh to her. Mavda A mysterious, friendly merchant of the Vestra tribe, Mavda saves Aeron and Elena from a monster attack in the kingdom and takes them to a faraway tower. Pandora's Tower vient nous coller une gigantesque gifle qui pourrait bien laisser des traces. Elena tells Aeron it's over, and Aeron sees that she still has the strange-coloured eyes that Zeron had. En parlant à Mavda, vous pouvez choisir de créer des objets.Voici la liste des méthodes de création possible pour les objets pouvant être créés. On the way she tells them of the Beast's Curse which has befallen Elena. ABOUT THIS GUIDE III.