Dark Monita - Dark Monita is the Main antagonist of Nintendo Land: Park Tour.She is nearly identical to Monita in size and appearance, although her screen Dark Monita clenching her fist. Nintendo Land is a launch game for the Wii U.

Monita is a character from Nintendo Land, one of the first games on the Wii U. Nintendo Land was meant to show off the features of the Gamepad through 12 different minigames depicting Nintendo franchises. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art.

Monita is the tour guide robot who gives tutorials and appears throughout Nintendo Land. While the tone of her voice is unchanging, she is packed full of personality. Monita is the monotone automaton that acts as your guide through the theme park worlds of Nintendo Land. Monita is simply a blue monitor with a simple white face on it, with a floating hat and a single arm under the monitor. He moved the GamePad to look at the floating screen, pressing the A button to continue Monita’s speech. She also tells you how to play the attractions in the park.

less The music collection of Nintendo Land! And while Monita is an ally to you, she also takes up the role of an antagonist in the Pikmin Adventure and Metroid Blast attractions in Nintendo Land. The player behind the Mii was confused at Monita’s appearance when Nintendo Land started.

has a darker blue tint to it, and her hat is purple with two large, green beads hanging off the sides. Nintendo Land is a game made by Nintendo for the Wii U. Nintendo owns all rights of Nintendo Land, this video was solely made for entertainment. Appearance Edit. Monita is the robotic female host and guide for the Wii U game Nintendo Land.She helps players out when starting the game and helping them get started. Described as a "virtual theme park", the game features twelve amusement park-style mini-games, each based on a different Nintendo franchise.The game's focus is to introduce players to the different types of experiences and concepts possible with the Wii U GamePad. Nintendo Land is a brilliant show of what Nintendo’s new console and tablet controller are capable of, and has far more depth and content then you’d expect from a mini-game collection.
He had completed her tutorials ages ago, so seeing her outside of a game’s instructions was unusual.