Gen 1 Night Vision. Since then several different generations of night vision equipment has been developed. NVESD (Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate) is a body that names Night Vision Generations. Still, knowing the difference between the different night vision generations is an important part of your gear knowledge that will make it easier for you further down the road when you are shopping for a new night-time hunting scope or monocular. Generation 1 is the most common technology sold. Bonus - receive a Free eBook on how to pick the right night vision device. Digital day/night vision scopes are for the smart hunter that hunts day and night and shoots up to 200 yards. So now that we’ve got the night vision generations out of the way, it’s time to address the final question on many people’s minds… Green or White Phosphor Technology May 16, 2020 May 15, 2020 by Shien. A person with a gen 1 product will be able to see many times better than someone without a night device.

Thanks to the night vision, now night hunting is getting popular among hunters. The NVDs termed as Generation IV …

The popularity of this generation is because it is cheap night vision compared to Gen 2 and Gen 3 technology. They are yet to name NVDs as Generation IV. 10 Best Night Vision Scopes – All Generations & Budgets 2020 Update. There was a time when hogs or coons were little impossible to hunt as they rule in the dark. Enter your email address to get updates from Night Vision Guys on new products and special offers. Plus, get 5% OFF coupon for your next purchase for any regular priced product.

Generations of Night Vision Equipment: As generations have passed by the technology used in night vision equipment has evolved significantly, with the price decreasing and the performance increasing over a period of time. Related Articles: A Guide To The Best Night Vision Scopes For Hunting – ALL NEW 2019 Reviews Starlight Technology Night Vision Generations and Devices-Generation 1 to 4 - levels of NV technology, types of devices and their uses... Use & Care-How to use, controls, and care for NV devices, extending capabilities... Digital Night Vision and Thermal-Imaging-Digital NV and Thermal Imaging, how they work and compare to standard NV