The NASA Spaceguard survey is a 10 years program, started in 1998, and aiming at discovering 90% of the 1km sized Near Earth Objects. At the end of 2002, we were exactly at the midway point, and it is therefore interesting to examine the statistics of discovery. Many of the charts and tables on these pages depend on diameters that can only be roughly inferred from an asteroid’s estimated absolute magnitude (H) and an assumed reflectivity, or albedo. This page summarises some statistical information on the NEA discovery rates. Totals are shown for NEAs of all sizes, those NEAs larger than ~140m in size, and those larger than ~1km in size. Thanks to the operation of wide-field high sensitivity automated sky surveys the number of known NEAs is rapidly growing. In 2016, upgrades to large 10k x 10k survey cameras at our 1.5m and 0.7m survey telescopes has now lead to another great leap in the NEO discovery rate. The following chart shows the cumulative number of known Near-Earth Asteroids (NEAs) versus time. Data and plots presented here aim at providing a continuously updated snapshot of the situation. The steep rise in discoveries from the late 1990s to present reflects the advent and growth of advanced electro-optical digital … With over 90% of the near-Earth objects larger than one kilometer already discovered, the NEO Program is now focusing on finding 90% of the NEO population larger than 140 meters. The Spaceguard survey: Discovery statistics at the end of 2002. Published on Friday 20 December 2002. The plot below indicates annual cumulative near-Earth asteroid discoveries by the main survey organizations, including CSS. Crossing the Ruins... ) is the name given to the second main expansion of cards from the Neo Series of the Pokémon Trading Card Game (the Neo Era in Japan). Cumulative Totals. Discovery Statistics Introduction Cumulative Totals by Size by Survey (all) by Survey (140m) by Survey (km) NEOWISE .

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