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How Richard Branson ended up offering up his Caribbean island for a government bailout . Necker can be hired exclusively or, if you're not looking to hire the Island privately, you can still enjoy the Necker experience during Celebration Weeks when individual rooms can be booked by singles or couples to enjoy our fabulous Island paradise 'house party' style. At 74 acres, Necker sits in turquoise waters surrounded by coral reefs and fringed with beautiful white sandy beaches. Richard Branson first became aware that some of the islands in the British Virgin Islands were for sale in 1978. You can rent out the whole island to yourself, or just one room during special periods. Bit of a catch-22 that, because if you have a private island to put up as collateral, the public outcry regarding your request is always going to be swift and sizeable. The Necker Island accommodation can host up to 30 guests at any one time and is split between The Great House and six Bali Houses. Necker Island is the place to go if you want the ultimate privacy, luxury, and pampering.

Take this virtual trip, and find out how you can stay here for real. The Virgin group mogul asked the government for state aid – but he's not always been in favour of it. The Indonesian style décor includes king-size beds, sumptuous cushions and dark wood furniture. On the island's main beach stands the beautiful Beach House, … 20 Best Islands to Live On | 10 Great Snorkeling Spots in the Caribbean | Ultimate Guide to Overwater Bungalows. The archetypal tropical paradise escape, Necker is a seventy-four acre, totally private retreat, complete with a team of over one-hundred staff who will take care of your every whim. January 23, 2015. As one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, Branson is as well-known for his business portfolio as he is for schmoozing celebrity guests and partying the night away on his very own Caribbean hideaway, Necker Island.
Located in the British Virgin Islands, the Virgin Group businessman purchased the 74-acre island for US$180,000 in 1978, when he was aged just 28. Luxury Holidays At Necker Island. The expert staff will spoil you with activities, service, and five-star treatment; plus, there's an endless list … Necker Island has been called "the ultimate private island."
Necker Island, Sir Richard Branson’s private island paradise in the British Virgin Islands, a stunning and unspoilt area of the Caribbean. He promptly went to the British Virgin Islands for a holiday to investigate the prospective real estate. As collateral, he has offered up Necker Island, his famous island hideaway in the British Virgin Islands. Billionaire Richard Branson developed it with those words — and preservation — in mind. If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own paradise island, then Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island is your dream come true.