Mount Adams is the second-highest mountain in the Pacific Northwest of North America. Deep Crevasses and Icefalls on Adams Glacier. - Last eruption: 550 BC. The andesitic-dacitic volcano was built by several overlapping cones. - Seach , J. (n.d.). Facts. The volcano has produced a larger volume (about 300 km 3 or 70 mi 3 ) of eruptive material during the past million years than any other Cascade stratovolcano except Mount Shasta (about 350 km 3 …

- Stratovolcano. The upper region of Mount Adams comprises 10 glaciers, barren moraines, and alpine meadows. Mount Adams lies in the middle of the Mount Adams volcanic field—a 1,250 km 2  (about 500 mi 2) area comprising at least 120, mostly basaltic volcanoes that form spatter and scoria cones, shield volcanoes, and some extensive lava flows. Heavily crevassed glaciers on the southeast side of the mountain. Mount Adams was originally known as Mount Ida. It is a volcano in the Cascade Range.

Mount Adams is the center of a 200 km3 volcanic field. Mt adams … Adams is located about 35 miles (56 km) east of Mount St. Helens. Quick Facts Mount Adams is the largest active volcano in Washington State and among the largest in the Cascades. - 2nd highest peak in Washington state. Glaciers of Mount Adams. In the early 1800s the steep Mount Adams hillside was largely barren as early settlers had cut down all … The namesake was from Ida Martin, a washerwoman who lived in the hollow of an old sycamore tree located on a steep hill. It is elongated along a NNW-SSE line and has a flat summit with an ice cap and more than 60 flank vents. - Active; Thermal anomalies and gas emissions. - Largest volcano in the Cascades by volume. Aerial view of the south face from across the Columbia River Gorge.

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