Estimates suggest that the cage hit … In 1986 Ireland Colliery at Staveley was absorbed into the huge Markham Complex becoming Markham No. 214 talking about this. The Markham Pit disaster happened 1,407 feet down at the bottom of No.3 shaft at the colliery. A Tribute to Philip Healey, the Mines Rescue Brigade and coal miners everywhere The 3 Major Disasters at Markham Colliery - 1937, 1938 & 1973 Markham Colliery Disaster, 1937 On Thursday 21st January 1937 at 2.45 pm an explosion happened just when the men were changing over from the day shift to the afternoon shift.


Markham was the biggest colliery in the former NCB North Derbyshire Area, a massive mining complex, being an amalgamation of four shafts in one colliery yard. Estimates suggest that the cage hit the bottom at 27 mph. men who work at Markham colliery Derbyshire.