We propose that the mare pits could not have survived in their current state of preservation if they are primary features of mare emplacement. Pits are widespread on the Moon White: Mare and highland pits Blue: Impact melt pits. The 100 m diameter Mare Tranquillitatis pit and the 58 m diameter Marius Hills pit both formed in maria older than 3.3 Ga, a surface age with a crater equilibrium diameter (Gault, 1970) of 290 m (Hiesinger et al., 2012). When the Sun is well overhead, the floor of the Mare Tranquillitatis pit is illuminated.
README - (5.69 KB) Slope Legend; Downloads. Pits: What are they? The mission concept aims to understand the formation and evolution of the Moon's secondary lava crust by exploring the vertical walls of a pit in Mare Tranquillitatis. Lunar Pits Gateway to the Subsurface Mark Robinson and Robert Wagner. Mare Tranquillitatis Pit DTM. 09.14.10 › View larger image Spectacular high Sun view of the Mare Tranquillitatis pit crater revealing boulders on an otherwise smooth floor. This image from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter narrow-angle camera is 400 meters (1,312 feet) wide, north is up.
ENLARGE. This pit was imaged by the NAC 10 times with incidence angles ranging from 11° to 48°, and a maximum emission angle (intersection of the camera boresight measured from the surface normal) of 51°. About This RDR. Color Slope Map; Confidence Map; Digital Terrain Model (32-bit GeoTIFF) Digital Terrain Model (PDS IMG) Orthophoto (0.60 m/px): M137332905; Orthophoto (0.60 m/px): M152655237; … New Views of Lunar Pits. PDF | Lunar mare " pits " are key science and exploration targets. The first three pits were discovered within Selene obser-vations [1,2] and were proposed to represent collapses into lava tubes. Mare Tranquillitatis pit context map (LROC WAC mosaic), orthographic projection centered at 8.3°N latitude and 33.2°E longitude, map width 183.2 km, north is up. Image is 400 meters wide, north is up, NAC M126710873R. The Principal Investigator of Moon Diver is Laura Kerber at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Credit: NASA/GSFC/Arizona State University When the Sun is well overhead, the floor of the Mare Tranquillitatis pit is illuminated. The proposed pit is called Tranquillitatis Pit, with a 100 m (330 ft) diameter opening, and about 100 m (330 ft) deep. Outline • Overview of pits • Good destinations • Arne mission. With an incidence angle of 26.5° and a shadow of 55 meters, scientists can estimate the depth to be a bit over 100 meters. Lunar Orbiter 1 new of the Moon and crescent Earth. That estimate is from the edge of the shadow, which begins a … This is a spectacular high-Sun view of the Moon's Mare Tranquillitatis (Sea of Tranquility) pit crater revealing boulders on an otherwise smooth floor. Color Shade Legend. Overview. Mare Pit Return To RDR Select Page. Subsequent LROC images revealed 5 new mare pits and showed that the Mare Tranquillitatis pit (MTP; 8.335°N, 33.222°E) opens into a sublunarean void at least 20-meters in extent [3,4]. Related. • Small, steep-walled collapse features • Of >300 known, all but 16 in impact melts. "Lunar mare “pits” are key science and exploration targets.

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