Luna Plus Fighter Class job 5 Guide This is a compilation of the information I've collected from playing LUNA Online in other servers regarding the Fighter class to help people create their own Fighter … Luna Online Plus Fighter Class Choosing Guide by dialaurel This is a compilation of the information I’ve collected from playing LUNA Online in other servers regarding the Fighter class to help people create their own Fighter build. Template:Rouge Luna Online has a total of 60 classes that branch out from four base jobs[Fighter, Rogue, Mage, Majin Apprentice(Only in Luna Plus)]. Kelebihan dari magnus adalah adanya buff-buff unik yaitu Rampage aura (kec.serang), Shield Aura (pertahanan fisik), Accurasi Aura (Strike) dan juga Protection Aura ( mirip HB ) yang dapat diberikan pada target, tidak hanya pada diri sendiri. Magnus adalah job Fighter yang hanya bisa diambil oleh ras elf. Dikarenakan adanya Rampage aura lv tinggi (36% Aspd) + Fighter Blesing lv 10 (49,8% … They focus on close-range combat and mob-training. For example, a Mage who picks Priest can still become a Warlock, and retain all skills trained as a priest. Bypass Luna Online Server With PH; GUIDE RUMAH / HOUSE [LUNA PLUS] Swordmaster Guide (Dual Wielding Fighter) [Luna Pl... Guide Panzer [ Luna Plus ] [Guide]Sniper Human [Luna Plus] Guide Grand Master tanpa Reskill [Luna Plus] Guide Magnus Hitter Tanpa Reset Skill (Elf only) [... Tempa Guide [Luna Plus] Mage Class Job Tree [Luna Plus] DESTROYER JOB GUIDE Okay First of all you must follow this path: Human Fighter > Warrior > Mercenary > Knight > Destroyer 1. 2. SwordMaster Guide in Luna Online^^ Saya akan memberikan guide untuk menjadi Seorang SWORDMASTER ... ada banyak path yang bisa dipakai untuk menjadi SWORDMASTER tapi disini saya akan membahas 1 path saja (path yang lain ane kurang yakin skill buildnya). the path will ALLOW you to recieve 1hit damage from mobs and most likely 1hit damage in PVP depending on your equipment If you have Question about the path please say it in the forum Please know that you are gonna be doing alot of work into making the Best tanker out there you will need high defense and Health to be #1 3. Players can design hybrid characters. CELESTIA LUNA GUIDE Kamis, 17 Februari 2011. With start and end time in any location. Mercenary : Wiff in Alker Harbor. Fighter is one of the 3 job you can become in LUNA Online. Interactive 3D map showing on a globe where the total lunar eclipse on July 27, 2018 is visible worldwide. Warrior : Wiff in Alker Harbor. Players select their class during character creation.

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