Date of experience: May 2019. LH7301_Frank Drake Nickel OSETI. LH7371_Lick Observatory Supermoon Eclipse.

It's hardly a winter wonderland, but snow did just dusts peaks across the Bay Area By Michelle Robertson , SFGATE Updated 1:52 pm PST, Monday, February 4, 2019 Heavenly Shower. by Bob Nastasi 1. part of an album on Lick Observatory Type image Identifier 554EF2AF-8143-47A2-AC40-531246856524 1978-692-8 Subject Lick Observatory--Images Lick Observatory is an active research facilitiy, and at night all of the buildings are locked and astronomers are working at the darkened telescopes. To safeguard optics and other equipment, all Lick telescopes are subject to closure due to wind, humidity, snow, and ash-fall. It's just amazing how it came to be, what it took to build and the brilliant engineering. Black-and-white photograph of Lick Observatory after a snowstorm.

Important Travel Information: During winter, please take extra precaution driving on Mt.

All of the construction materials had to be brought to the site by horse and mule-drawn wagons, which could not negotiate a steep grade.

The Lick Observatory is located on Mount Hamilton, east of the city of San Jose, accessible via Mount Hamilton Road. Snow is melting fast in front of the observatory, which stands 4,200 feet up.

by GeorgeTsai 168 13. 1944, Lick #9."

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Super Snow Moon over Snow. MOUNT HAMILTON, Calif. (KGO) -- Snow has covered the Lick Observatory on top of Mount Hamilton in Santa Clara County. Lick Observatory in Snow. With the winding road to the summit of Mount Hamilton, Lick Observatory is a popular destination for local car clubs. Both domes of Lick Observatory visible on top of slope. Mount Hamilton Road, Mount Hamilton, CA. 3-meter limits are the responsibility of the telescope operator. Gift Shop Shop Now.

Milky Way Night Fever at Lick... by george sing photography 19. Cameras at Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton snow show Wednesday morning on the San Jose peak. On back: "Lick Observatory -- from East. Snow view -- Feb. 23. Hamilton] Date Created and/or Issued 1919 Contributing Institution California State Library Collection California History Section Picture Catalog Rights Information Please contact the contributing institution for more information regarding the copyright status of this object. To report technical problems with the Lick Observatory web cameras or ask questions about the cameras and use of the images, email In winter, rain in the valley can turn into snow on Mount Hamilton, and the road may close until it melts. Improve This Listing. Improve This Listing. Lick Observatory sunset 3. by john enea 1. Lick chose John Wright, of San Francisco's Wright & Sanders firm of architects, to design both the Observatory and the Astronomer's House.

Moons. Lick Observatory Snow Moon. LH3988_Refractor Conjunction.