Labour Students is the biggest student led political movement in the UK. Current members of affiliated trade unions. We try to work with other Labour Students clubs around the UK and work closely with Brighton and Hove local Labour groups and figures. If you would like to be part of the Colchester Labour Party make sure you update your address on the Labour website. Keele Labour Students are both a social and campaigning group associated with the UK Labour Party and Labour Students. We organise at universities and colleges, in Students’ Unions and the National Union of Students, campaigning for Labour’s values of equality and social justice. Students click here to buy on the Portal. We are the Labour Society at the University of Sussex. We hold regular socials on a Thursday evening, and regular Coffee afternoons. Labour Student is made up of a committee that includes the three National Officers who oversee the day-to-day running of the organisation, as well as representatives from across the country and Liberation Officers who represent the five liberation campaigns in Labour Students. For the many, not the few! £3.

In order to join the Labour Party, you must either be a citizen of the UK or a resident for more than 1 year. Trade union member.

Join Labour Students for just £1.23 per year. We work closely with local CLPs, Labour students, Welsh Labour and the national party to ensure all our members have the chance to become involved with and are welcomed into the Labour movement . We also have close links with the Colchester Labour Party. While we are associated with these two groups you don't have to wholeheartedly agree with everything they stand for to join our society! We are committed to working to campaign for the Labour Party but also to campaign for issues and charities we feel passionate about. Available for those aged 20 to 26, retired, unwaged, part-time workers or affiliated trade union members. Labour Half-Term Membership £1.50; If you are a UK citizen living abroad, you can still join the Labour Party. We are affiliated with Labour Students nationally, which means we go to events and conferences held by them, and in turn they support us throughout the year. Which address should we send your welcome pack and other mail to? Join. We hold socials and events that encourage members to meet other like-minded students as well as organise and coordinate campaigning with local Labour affiliated groups.

As the Labour Party is a broad church, we are too.

Goldsmiths Labour looks to actively promote socialist principles both on campus, through the Student Union and Student Assembly, and in the local community. Join our movement for just £1.23 per year and help us build a better world.