Assistive listening headsets can help to amplify a movie’s audio and dialogue more clearly. Kino Lorber’s virtual cinema initiative Kino Marquee is set to cross $400,000 this week following the digital platform’s March 19 launch with Arthouse Convergence. Announced late last month, Kino Marquee is Kino Lorber’s attempt to continue the distribution of their films while also supporting independent theatres that have been forced to close due to the coronavirus. Kino Marquee is a new initiative that creates virtual theaters for temporarily closed art house cinemas so they can offer their audiences the opportunity to see at home the films that would otherwise be playing … It’s called Kino Marquee, a streaming service that individual theaters can license as part of their own web site. Marquee Cinemas offers assistive listening and closed captioning (CC) devices in all auditoriums for patrons who may be hard of hearing or deaf. Alamo Drafthouse and Laemmle Theaters … Highland Cinemas - Glasgow; North Carolina; Mimosa 7 - Morganton; Wakefield 12 - Raleigh; New Jersey; Orchard 10 - Toms River; New York; Orchard 14 - New Hartford; Tennessee; Pinnacle 12 - Bristol; … PRESS RELEASE New York – March 26, 2020: Kino Lorber’s virtual theatrical exhibition initiative called Kino Marquee has now expanded to 150 art-house theaters to screen Cannes prize-winning Brazilian thriller Bacurau. All revenue is being shared between distributor and exhibitor just as if you bought your ticket at the theater … Kino Marquee … When launched in March, Kino Marquee had 12 theaters on board.

Marquee Extreme Cinema … Kino Lorber's Kino Marquee initiative, which looks to help arthouses at a time when they've been shuttered in the coronavirus climate, has mushroomed from 12 theaters last week to 150 … By buying a virtual “ticket” to watch Bacurau on Kino Marquee, you’ll be directly supporting your local art house cinema. Since then, it has ballooned to 350 including Alamo … Currently only available in North America, it allows homebound customers to watch new titles too under-the-radar for the major streaming players to snatch up, and support temples to cinema … The tickets sales are split between Kino Lorber and the theaters. The studio and theater split the profits of each ticket sold; right now, there are 79 theaters operating Kino Marquee, with 150 overall lined up for early April. Independent theaters need our support now more than ever.