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This abbreviation is usually found in office-wide memos, letters, addressed postage and in newspaper ads. 8 "Thank you for your kind letter. Note: that it would be a rare instance where the abbreviated, plural form of attention would be used. This is a derivative (and I think a misunderstanding) of the stock 18th- and 19th-century formal closing: Thank you for your kind attention (i.e., for your kindness in attending to this letter and the matters it …

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The attention line on a letter or package should be placed above the organization's name. The United States Postal Service encourages senders to not use "attn" when addressing a package, but rather to simply write the specific recipient's name above the organization's name. Attention: Director of Marketing. Thank you for your kind good wishes. The plural abbreviation of attention is attns. Prospecting letters are a kind of cover letter.

In the case of a business letter, the attention line is above the salutation.

The New York Times. Such letters offer you a formal method of introducing a new product or service into the present along with prospective clients. 5. Something like "It was wonderful getting to speak with you more- thank you for your kind attention. 6. When You Need an Attention Line You don't know the name of the person who should receive the letter but you do know his or her title. In this case, the attention line would contain only the title. Patrick, thanks for your kind words above.

An introductory small company letter may be used for the debut of a new individual in the company to the present customers. You want the letter delivered to … or atts. 7 (Thanks, Carol, for your kind message). It simply means that you are sending a letter to someone who you hope will open it, read it, pay due attention to what it says and act accordingly. When to Use This Abbreviation. WikiHow.