2. jet: [verb] to leave. This web page will help you better understand many of the words of the english language. "jetting" or "jetting it" is commonly done by old creepy men in public swimming pools. Jibber – A skier or snowboarder who is fond of riding in terrain parks and doing tricks. The female version of “ejaculate and evacuate” Get a Sketting and Jetting mug for your father-in-law Paul. Usually called booted, high or common term faded .

See also park rat. jet synonyms, jet pronunciation, jet translation, English dictionary definition of jet. ) But "jetting off to ___" sounds like something that celebrities and super-rich businesspeople do. I've got to jet . Rutting definition, a furrow or track in the ground, especially one made by the passage of a vehicle or vehicles. Comments about Jetting or Jeting.

Get the the jews neck gaiter and mug. Jets in AZ Dictionary (n) title of an NFL franchise situated in nyc. Jetting – When exiting a turn, a skier accelerates by jetting their feet forward. This phrase appears in these lessons: “He's always jetting off to exotic locations in far-off corners of the world.” Learn 1,000 English Phrases! An argument that can not be won by any party involved in said argument either due to lack of proof, or being down right stubborn.

They met up in Paris, and then jetted off to Greece for a weekend getaway. being high, and just having fun. In the state of mind that you feel as if you are flying when you are on some other shit.

Example: being high, and just having fun. Usually derogatory. In the frame of mind you feel like you are traveling if you're on some other shit. adj. An object or action that can be characterized as Superfly. JettingUrban Dictionary. A member of the Air Force. The term is derived from the abbreviated nomenclature for jet aircraft (jet).

Jib – 1) A fixture in a terrain park. Define jet. See more words with the same meaning: to go, leave, exit . Another term for high. ... 1.

An argument of little or no value to any of the parties involved. Jetted in AZ Dictionary (v) Easy past tense and previous participle of jet. Numerous popular hockey players played when it comes to Winnipeg Jets, including: Bobby Hull, Dale Hawerchuk, Teemu Selanne, Keith Tkachuk, Randy Carlyle, and Eddie Olczyk.

Urban Dictionary and our advertising partners set cookies on your computer to improve our site and the advertisements you see. 2) Skiing or snowboarding off a non-snow object, either natural or manmade, such as sliding down a rail or bouncing off a feature in a terrain park. Multimedia Learning Guide to Improve English Fluency. See more. A deep black. Can be preceded by the descriptor "maximum" indicating that the object is exceptionaly superfly. A dense black coal that takes a high polish and is used for jewelry. Jets in Community Dictionary the previous NHL hockey staff which called Winnipeg its residence from 1979-1996.
Jetting definition, a stream of a liquid, gas, or small solid particles forcefully shooting forth from a nozzle, orifice, etc. 1.

n. 1. a generic scapegoat for any "who" question. Having sex with someone. Jetter synonyms, Jetter pronunciation, Jetter translation, English dictionary definition of Jetter. See more. (n) Plural kind of Jet. One who struts; one who bears himself jauntily; a fop n. 1. Jetted in Community Dictionary anticipating some body however yes when they'll show up. n. 1. Essentially it's when a guy or girl uses a pool or hot tub jet to masturbate thus "jetting it" We create for our customers a tool that will help you correct the most common mistakes of the english language and synonyms of our language. by Arnoldo Report definition Another term for large. 2.

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