Valdivia is definitely worth spending several days at in my opinion. Parque Oncol The Oncol Park preserves the native Valdivian forest, is green year round, and feels like a tropical rain forest. As some have noted, Santiago is the capital, but is also the cultural, financial, economic and political centre of the country, basically, is where the country is run and like 35% of the population lives. In the summer there are also many festivals and events. Pyramidal Park Valdivia is located in Valdivia. ... as well as two spots worth checking out if you want a bit more nature.

Besides visiting the city of Valdivia and Isla Teja, there are other ways to experience the gorgeous landscape of the rivers region: you can head to Parque Oncol, just 30 kilometers from Valdivia as well as the beautiful beaches and reserve in Curiñanco. Visiting the festival is free, but as for all other expenses, it is worth remembering that Cuba has a special currency called CUC for tourists, the prices of which are much higher than those in the Cuban peso for local residents. Submarino O'Brien Naval Museum and Austral University of Chile Botanical Garden are also worth visiting. Submarino O'Brien Naval Museum and Austral University of Chile Botanical Garden are also worth visiting. 7. The city of Valdivia sits on the river Calle Calle in picturesque southern Chile.

Make Sendero Los Alerces a centerpiece of your Valdivia vacation itinerary, and find what else is worth visiting using our Valdivia holiday planner. You can also take a ferry ride over to Corral and Chaihuin where there is a huge national forest with a beach. You can […] Valdivia Cathedral and Valdivia Square are local landmarks, and the area's natural beauty can be seen at Parque Saval and Rio Cruces Nature Sanctuary. Notable landmarks in the area include Calle-Calle Bridge and Valdivia Square, and travelers wishing to experience a bit of culture can try Casa Hoffmann.

Sendero Los Alerces is located in Valdivia. So choose your financial support from best credit cards for international travel. Visiting Valdivia: The Entry to Chile’s River Region / For many years, Valdivia, together with all its rivers, was subsumed into Chile’s famous Lakes Region, leafy and splashy and beautiful, yet different. The area offers several areas of natural beauty and historical significance that are worth your time and exploration. Apartamentos Turísticos Cadizvaldivia is located in Valdivia.