Asked in Search Engine Optimization, Google Why is Google a monopoly? You've just asked this question on one of the "competition." HOW IT WORKS (EXAMPLE): For a true monopoly to be in effect, each of the following characteristics would typically be evident: A sole provider of a viable product or service. 3 Answers.

Google is just so dominant that it can be hard to see that it isn't a monopoly. ? No. A monopoly is a market environment where there is only one provider of a certain economic good or service. A Monopoly is when one entity has total (or near-total) control over an entire commodity (oil), service (phone) or product (tires) & have the power to prevent any competitors in that marketplace. Answer Save. It has many competitors. For it to be a illegal monopoly google would need to also buy aol yahoo facebook hotmail and at last bing. Favorite Answer. 1 decade ago. Related Questions. It tracks everything they do and has a huge monopoly.
Favorite Answer. does anyone know how i can get a free version (not trial or sining up) of monopoly for my computer

Anonymous. I get they own youtube but they are a monopolistic tracking company that disguises themselves as a search engine like yahoo. They own the most popular search engine ever and now they made, Myspace, YOUTUBE, CHROME. Wiki User 2014-09-24 23:23:47. A lack of any close substitutes for consumers to choose from. senice google bought youtube and every body use most of the time google network survices and even wikipedia have a google survice compititor ... will yahoo have youtube compititor or lift up the white flag ?? If one company owned all of these companies then it would be considered a monopoly because taking Facebook aol hotmail and yahoo would take all of the major chat websites which make a lot of money (advertisements) taking yahoo and bing on the other hand would complete all of the … Is Google turning monopoly? is google a future monopoly ??? No. Is Yahoo a monopoly? Relevance.