I think you’re missing part of the question? I am wondering if this amount of time is enough or if I should just choose an alternate route. Same airline, they will probably accommodate you. If a flight is late or you have a short connection, the airline coordinates with the ground staff to get you to your connecting flight on time – it's a major hassle for everyone if you miss it. Two hours is plenty. It depends on the airport … you need to allow sufficient time to clear security and be able to check in as the airline verifies you have proper documents to travel and check any baggage. Two hours is more than enough time.

Generally, it's best to arrive about 2 hours before departure, or, before an international flight, 2 hours and 30 minutes. If connecting from a domestic flight then 1 1/2 hour connection time would normally be more than adequate assuming your inbound flight arrives on or near schedule. Otherwise it is ymmv Perhaps you meant is two hours early enough for check in?

They say to allow 3 hours arrival before International flights. ( Tip: If you are connecting through an airport you have never visited before, call your airline and ask about customs processes so that you won't be surprised by the location of your customs interview .) We found ourselves sitting around the terminal. I am planning a trip for 2019, and the absolute best result on all points (price, duration, hours of departure/arrival) means taking an international plane landing at Chicago O'Hare only to get 1.5 hour later another one leaving out of the USA. One hour has a mild level of risk, but most likely it will be OK. from LAX and fly International yearly, don't have to worry about getting stuck in traffic, and have it down to two hours, so I know it can be done. Two hours is usually not enough time. If there is a delay it depends on if it is the same airline? Two hours for what? For international connections like these, you’ll want at least an hour and a half to two hours, if not more. However, it depends on other things for you. We live 5 min.

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