Iris Burn Campsite. Success! Time: 30 min return. Iris Burn Hut, Kepler Track • By Roderick. About a 20-minute walk from the hut is the Iris Burn Waterfall where swimming is possible.

The Iris Burn Hut sleeps 60, is at 497 meters (1630 feet). Conservation story 4 Students from Fiordland’s five centres of learning are helping restore the unique environment of the Kepler Track and bring back its birdsong in the award-winning

Being above the bush line for almost the entire day means the views of the surrounding landscapes are unbroken (on a clear day! From the hut, the track follows the true left of the Iris Burn down a glacier-carved valley. Iris Burn campsite I spent the night at Iris Burn Hut, deep in the forest. The Iris Burn Hut features 50 bunks and 30 campsites. Time: 5 – 6 hr Distance: 14.6 km. ), and you can see everything from waterfalls in far off valleys to snow capped mountain peaks. Am absolutely stunning walk with a great sense of achievement after due to the more challenging nature. The hut is situated near a small field where there is a small river. If you still have the energy, you can take a side trip from the Iris Burn Hut to the Iris Burn Waterfall. Luxmore Hut to Iris Burn Hut. Tucked between lakes Manapouri and Te Anau, this Great Walks hut is part of the Kepler Track. Time: 5 – 6 hr Distance: 14.6 km. In fine weather you’ll be rewarded with stunning panoramic views from the highest point on the track (1472 m). The steepest descent of the track leads down into the Iris Burn, which drains the heart of the Kepler Mountains. This hut sleeps 50 in 3 separate bunk rooms with mattresses and provides the same amenities as the Luxmore. Iris Burn Hut occupies a clearing in the beech forest, with a view of Mt Tinsley. a 10-minute walk from Luxmore Hut. Descending down to iris burn while the sun hung low in the sky was something breathtaking. 3 A 20-minute walk from Iris Burn Hut leads to the isolated Iris Burn Falls, perfect for a refreshing dip after the day’s walk. This is also the second location where you may camp along the Kepler Track. From the hut, you’ll climb to a ridge just below Mount Luxmore, with stunning views across the south fiord of Lake Te Anau to the Murchison Mountains. Bookings required during summer season. Start your day on top of the world. It's located in a scenic and forested gorge.

All that stood between me and a bus ride to Queenstown was 22.2 kilometers of mostly easy walking. It was the last day of my last tramp.

The track from the hut is clearly signposted. Side trip: Luxmore summit. This is the second place to stay on the classic route. The Iris Burn Hut is the second most popular hut on the trail. A 20-minute walk leads to Iris Burn Falls. Day 3, to Iris Burn, was by far my favourite day of the Kepler Track. Start your day on top of the world. Getting up early to loop round from iris burn felt like a gentle stroll compared to the previous day.

Luxmore Hut to Forest Burn. Luxmore Hut to Iris Burn Hut.

... A resident DOC ranger is stationed at the nearby hut (peak/summer season) and will check your tickets, pass on information about the environment and weather, or help you out should an emergency arise. It is 14.6km from the Luxmore hut and 16.2km from Moturau Hut. Iris Burn Hut and Campsite. During the middle of the night, I heard bird calls from both male …

Located in Fiordland National Park in the Fiordland region This place is part of.