Which industries will spend the most on digital ad channels in the UK? Operators in this sector spent an estimated $71.8 million in 2017, as seven automakers across the Car and Automobile Manufacturing and SUV and Light Truck Manufacturing industries, including Fiat Chrysler Automobile and Toyota, purchased commercial spots. The banking and financial services industry spends the most money on information technology at 10.5 percent.

(Larry answered some follow-up questions about the research here.). According to AdventurePPC, the top spending industries when it comes to AdWords in 2014 are: Finance and Insurance ($4.0 Billion) Retailers and General Merchandise ($2.8 Billion) Travel and Tourism ($2.4 Billion) Jobs and Education ($2.2 Billion) For instance: which industries spend the most on AdWords? Discover the 10 biggest spenders on TV over the past 7 days and take a peek into their strategies. Top Adwords Ads Spenders – Who Spends the Biggest Amount of Money on Adwords? Companies in the automotive sector typically spend the most on Super Bowl advertisements.

The chart below displays Super Bowl ad spending by industry over the last five years. Top Industries by Advertising Expenditure. The education and government industry also spend a significant amount on IT.

If you’re trying to decide how much you should spend to generate revenue for your business, there is a … Contributed Art/IBIS World Top five industries that spend on Super Bowl ads (2010-2015). Amazon, the online retailer, spends nearly 157 million dollars on Adwords in one year – Priceline Group spends about 82 million dollars, as well as the telecommunication provider AT&T.Expedia and the software company Microsoft are part of the top 5 Adwords spenders as they dedicate respectively 71.6 and … Of the industries we measured in the UK, retail leads digital ad spending, where it will reach £1.88 billion ($2.42 billion) in 2018.

On Monday, we published a new infographic based on original research into the industries that spent the most money on Google advertising last year, contributing to Google’s 2011 revenues of $37.9 billion, 96% of which came from advertising. Explore each brand’s estimated advertising spend, their number of commercial airings, find out more details about its highest performing campaign, and watch the ad. The Top AdWords Spenders By Industry. Most commentators claim businesses should spend around 6-12% of their revenue on marketing, but it’s important to remember that’s when they’re speaking to a wider audience. According to the Nielsen Company, $117 billion was spent on all U.S. advertising in 2009.