Michael Caine has finally revealed what the ending of Inception meant. Zack Sharf Feb 21, 2020 2:00 pm

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Inception Ending Revealed By Michael Caine.

The new teaser, which dropped in select theaters Thursday, offers some clues, and the idea of an Inception sequel is not new.

The "Inception" ending dominated movie headlines in 2010, but "Shutter Island" opened months earlier and had a similar last moment that continues to perplex. (Warner Bros.; Brown/Getty) Christopher Nolan’s films are known for exploring concepts like time, memory, and identity in the most believable (yet exciting) ways possible, and he took this to another level in 2010 with Inception.

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A fter more than eight years of debate over the ending of Inception, Michael Caine has offered some clarity on the movie’s mysterious final moments.. Tap to play or pause GIF The ending of Inception has been studied and discussed countless times since the film’s release, and the answer to whether it was a dream or not might be in a very simple detail. One of director Christopher Nolan‘s most ambitious movies of the last decade was Inception, a trippy heist film that involved breaking into the dreams of other people and descending into multiple layers of reality.Nolan even ended Inception with an ambiguous shot that left viewers wondering if it was a dream or reality.

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You’re watching Leonardo DiCaprio’s new blockbuster Inception, all about dreams and falling asleep.After 2 long hours in the cinema, you look forward to finally understanding what the film is all about. The year’s 2010. From 31 March 2020, YouTube services in the UK will be provided by Google LLC. While watching Inception, one … Time to go re-watch Inception for the thousandth time with this new information. ending_of_inception_solved.jpg (puerta) (18.3.2011 2:32) Hells bells! Damon Lindelof (inset), one of the producers behind 'Lost,' took to Twitter Monday to try and solve the ending of 'Inception.' The revelation may completely change the way you look at the movie and give you some clear answers on the ambiguous ending. WATCH TRAILER below. The last scene of Christopher Nolan’s film Inception has been rewatched by fans countless times and the debate, as to whether Leonardo DiCaprio’s character is dreaming or experiencing the events in real time, has been going on ever since the film’s release. Christopher Nolan’s film Inception features a classic optical illusion called the Penrose staircase, which folds back upon itself in space.

Uvaha vyborna, ale porad si myslim ze se nejedna o realitu - Cobb se dlouhou dobu nemuze vratit domu a kdyz se mu to podari tak jeho deti vypadaji porad naprosto stejne. So there ya have it, an eight-year-old mystery has officially been solved!