Misc. I have lots of friends on Scratch! I'm Blue 2:24 0:30 Featured on The Music Paradox More by Kirby In My Head My Pain Hop Out More Kirby Listen to Kirby now. He was disintegrated by Energy's machine in I am Blue Kirby! by bluethekirby blue sprites by bluethekirby add yourself looking for mario by HeroReconDude how dare you not agree with blue by bluethekirby Add yourself
I'm Blue By Kirby 2017 • 1 song, 2:24 Play on Spotify 1. : ParmaJon • MiniMacro • CreshMan • M-Jacq • Freeman • PKWeegee Contest Participants MaGMML1: No Lynch • qazcake • Kanna • Zyglrox Odyssey • Gyra Solune • blue_kirby • Scorpio • MonkeyShrapnel • Mitcheddar93 • Thoron • ParmaJon • Flashman85 • 128-Up • The Stove Guy • Lamda • WreckingGoomba • Entity1037 • Friendly Dictator • … My BFF is @Mr20thCenturySamInc. I like South Park, BFDI, Mixels, Minions, Mugman and more! He first appears in Clobbering Dat Dair Kerby, and has since then been a major character in most of Pixelcraftian's Kirby animations. Yay! Kirby is copyright of nintendo I'm blue was made by eifel 65 I made a video of kirby being blue using clips from Hoshi no kaabii[kirby of the stars in english(or the american version, "kirby: right back at ya)] anime and the song I'm blue by Eifel 65. A Kirby that's blue. Not different than Yellow, Black n' … What I'm working on Projects, of course. how he avoids flirting by the_blue_kirby closed (for now) by the_blue_kirby security by the_blue_kirby this isn't your fight by the_blue_kirby no he didn't by the_blue_kirby yellow's up to something by the_blue_kirby King K Rool vs Kirb is a character in Pixelcraftian's Kirby animations. Blue Kirby is one of the first characters (along with the Kirby, Bandana Dee, and Waddle Doo), he appeared in the animation called My First Kirby Animation, but because that animation was cancelled, he never got to appear again until he appeared later, where he is now Userunknown because of various incidents that happened to him. Rarely seen, but seen in the Super Smash Bros Series, Kirby Squeak Squad, and Kirby and the Amazing Mirror. 「星のカービィ」の絵本シリーズ『いつでもカービィ』最新刊が2020年3月27日に発売決定!文庫サイズのいつでも持ち歩きたくなる絵本です。第3弾となる『勇気をキミに』を描くのは、イラストレーター・ヒョーゴノスケ先生(絵)と谷口あさみ先生(作)。 He is a blue Kirby with dark blue … blue the kirby episode 1 by bluethekirby blue does imah firzing my lazer!

Although kirby isn't really blue, I like the video i made.

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