Japan Question Forum: Tokyo to Tashirojima (Cat Island). 【No.1 Aoshima, Ehime Prefecture】 Aoshima might be the most famous cat island in Japan. Access .

While an island full of stray dogs is likely to be visited by animal control, an island covered in cats gets tons of tourists instead. Cat lovers unite! How To Get to Rabbit Island, Japan. There are two airports serving Cat Island: Arthur's Town Airport (ATC) and New Bight Airport (TBI). Aoshima (青島, Aoshima), also known as Cat Island (猫の島, Neko no shima), is an island in Ehime Prefecture, Japan, known for its large number of feline residents.Felines have been reported by news outlets to outnumber humans by ratios between 6:1 and 10:1, but in recent years as elderly inhabitants of the island have died, it has skyrocketed to nearly 36:1. The usual way (and the way we went) is to pick up the rabbit island ferry that goes to Okunoshima from the port of Tadanoumi on Japan’s southern coast. It costs 620Y for a return adult journey, 310Y for children. Air Charter Advisors, LLC. Cat lovers can rejoice on this quiet fishing island where there are four cats to every person, according to Japan Guide. For details, just talk to … <

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