Oh, man, there are many ifs to this question. You go back and clean your room out. A STEM focused fut... GoCPS High School FAQs 2020-2021 School Year. You don't need to have gone to college to apply to the Air Force Academy, but you do need a high school diploma or GED. One unexpected fun fact about the academy is that its cadet parade uniform was designed by famed Hollywood director Cecil B. DeMille, adding a touch of style to the campus atmosphere. 19(15 Navy-7 of the 15 were from the Nuclear School, 4 Marines) from the enlisted ranks and 24 from the Prep school's graduating class of 242. Your chances of getting into the Academy aren't good fewer than one candidate in 50 gets admitted. The service academy associated with the Air Force, USAFA, is located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and is the youngest of the five service academies.

(Most schools use a weighted GPA out of 4.0, though some report an unweighted GPA.

To enter into the U.S. Air Force Academy, you must be between 17 and 23 years old and a U.S. citizen. When you enlist in the Air Force with a high school diploma or GED in hand, you’ll not only get hands-on training to learn a job integral to the Air Force, you’ll also earn college credits toward an associate degree. You can’t be married, and you shouldn’t have any dependents.

First, the Air Force Academy is an officer commissioning program, not a flight school. The first-round GoCPS application deadline has now passed. With a GPA of 3.87, United States Air Force Academy requires you to be near the top of your class, and well above average. The average GPA at United States Air Force Academy is 3.87.
What follows are the stumbling blocks that stop most candidate applications from … Your transcript should show mostly A's. Before you begin the process of enlisting, be sure you’ve taken the time to see if you meet all our criteria for joining. You listen to screams of “Hold the ‘vator!” that echo across every quad.

Getting into the Air Force Academy requires a commitment, and a difficult admission process. The only academy that detailed the number of actual enlisted service members enrolled for the class of 2013 was the Naval Academy in its Class Portrait and of the 170 "reserved" slots, 43 were filled by former enlisted. Your medical status, class ranking, and other factors go into how the Air Force allocates flying jobs. Air Force Academy HS Science, Technology, Engineering, and M... Parents and partners of Air Force Academy High School (AFAHS), we are looking towards the future!