Step 6. Sherry Games 2,860 views Next, draw in the shape of the bracket that is attached to the bottom of the telescope for the base or tripod that it sits on. How to draw a telescope easy step by step | Drawing for kids ️ - Duration: 4:35. With billions of potential planets to observe, this is … The universe is fascinating.

Step 3. Step 3. Step 5. Up next, draw in the seam line to the top of the telescope, then draw in the bands and zoom knob in the back. Step 2. Up next, draw in the seam line to the top of the telescope, then draw in the bands and zoom knob in the back. Learn how to draw a cool cartoon telescope using basic shapes and a little bit of imagination. There is nothing more thrilling than looking at stars in the sky at night with a telescope. How to Draw a Telescope. Step 4.

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