In FINDING NEMO, clown fish Marlin (voiced by Albert Brooks) is a fond but nervous dad -- understandably so, since a predator ate his wife and all but one of their eggs. These are also known as anemone fish as this is where they live and is their main defence. [A little clownfish named Nemo pops into the frame.] Finding Nemo (2003) Andrew Stanton as Crush. Young Nemo disappears and Marlin goes to find it. Marlin eventually allows Nemo his wish but not before trouble arises. The current day story of Finding Nemo begins with Nemo wanting to go somewhere for the first time. [Nemo then jumps on top of Marlin, who is asleep on the anemone floor.] He is voiced by Geoffrey Rush. Nigel hears the dentist after his words. First day of school! Marlin is a tough, down to earth fish that likes things his way especially when it comes to his son and friends. She is Marlin's wife and Nemo's mother. In Finding Nemo, Coral was Marlin's mate and Nemo's mother. NEMO: First day of school! Description: For those of you who remember some of the main characters from Finding Nemo, you should remember Nemo's father Marlin. Nigel is a brown pelican who lives in Sydney Harbor and the secondary tritagonist of Finding Nemo (the main one being Dory). I have seen this movie multiple times before, but after watching the movie with the knowledge I received from psychology, it made me think about … All you need – the necessary tools and attentiveness. Title: Finding Nemo.] Marlin then decided to name half the kids Marlin, Jr. and the other half Coral, Jr. See Full Answer. Finding Nemo For my second self-motivated learning activity, I decided to watch the well-known family movie Finding Nemo. Get up! C'mon, first day of school! Nigel flies to the dentist's office. finding-dory finding-nemo. Anemones are small creatures that are found on coral reefs. Coral is a minor character in Disney/Pixar's 2003 film, Finding Nemo. 8. Nemo is voiced by Alexander Gould (who was nine years old when he "played" Nemo and has been acting since the age of two, with credits including "Ally McBeal," "Malcolm in the Middle," and "Boomtown"). If your child like the characters, you can offer him or her to draw Marlin. The backstory of Nemo’s mother and the other eggs dying has led to Marlin going well out of his way to ensure the safety of Nemo. Possibly the most famous of the Finding Nemo characters and has seen a huge increase in clown fish sales as a result. Wake up! MARLIN: [asleep] I don't want to go to school ― five more minutes. This fish tale begins with a pretty sad story. How old is Nemo from Finding Nemo? Since Finding Dory takes place just one year after Finding Nemo, knowing Dory's age in any of the movies will answer my question. Wake up! She was shown at the beginning of the movie, and she and Marlin swam down to their sea anemone where there were hundreds of baby clownfish eggs. Two clownfish—Marlin and Coral—have found a beautiful sea anemone home in the Great Barrier Reef to wait for the birth of their 400 little fish eggs. When it's time for Marlin's surviving son, Nemo (Alexander Gould) -- who has an underdeveloped fin -- to start school, the little guy is excited, but Marlin is terrified.