MONTREAL—A Quebec TV network is reporting that convicted murderer Luka Rocco Magnotta will be getting married this month. Magnotta’s kitten torture videos, along with the video he posted of … The following is a timeline of Magnotta's life, the troubling signs that emerged and how an ... (Canadian Press/ ... A travel companion. Photos from the family of Jun Lin, the victim of Luka Magnotta were given to media Tuesday, April 2, 2013 in Montreal. Did Luka Magnotta confess to his crimes? Netflix's Don’t F*** With Cats is a troubling docuseries on Netflix about Canadian killer Luka Magnotta and a group of Internet sleuths who tried to track down his identity long before law enforcement did. Preliminary hearing is underway for Luka Rocco Magnotta, the man charged in connection with the infamous body-parts case that made international headlines.

MIKE McLAUGHLIN/THE CANADIAN PRESS It suggested to him, he said, that the killer may have first attempted to cut through the bones, then abandoned that and used a blunt object, possibly a hammer, to smash the bones. Alex West found Luka Magnotta at the Fusilier Inn in London in 2011 Credit: Simon Jones - The Sun 14 Six months earlier I had been sent to track him down at a … An Edmonton gore website owner pleaded guilty Monday in the posting of an infamous video of Luka Magnotta dismembering Chinese university student Jun …

According to police, he killed and mutilated gay lover Lin … Lin Jun was a 33-year-old Chinese student who was killed by Luka Magnotta in 2012. Magnotta pleaded not guilty to all charges, admitting to the acts he was accused of, but citing diminished responsibility due to mental disorders. In this true crime Netflix docuseries, we learn a lot about Luka Magnotta, killer of student Lin Jun. For he grew up to become Luka Magnotta, the 29-year-old arrested over a cannibal slaying. Luka Rocco Magnotta watches the proceedings at his first-degree murder trial in Montreal on Sept. 30, 2014. After a video depicting Jun Lin's murder was posted online in May 2012, Luka Magnotta left Canada and soon became the subject of an international manhunt. Here are facts the series didn't reveal.

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